To many invisible enemies attacking me

Online official
Bug | Performance
Oceania Official server #2950
Xbox One
Ping is at 96

Bug Description:

I keep getting killed by invisible enemies and can’t target them

Expected Behavior:

Go into any place that has a lot of enemies and get attacked by ones that are invisible so i cant see them and get killed, this essentially means all my gear is lost as by the time i make it back the enemies have respawned and some are still invisible, you could fix this by either stopping enemies from moving until they are visible on the client side or lessen the damage caused by it by letting players respawn with their gear, but until you do either of them I’m not going to be playing it again as it is really unplayable in its current state

Steps to Reproduce:

See above

  1. (etc)

I hope huges optimizations on consoles, that the reason why invisible people attacking you cause doesnt load fast

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We got attacked by a clan, for whatever reason we couldnt see the indivdual attacked us when they were inside our base, it was bizzare, any way they wiped us haha God this game is so fun but makes it hard to keep giving it a chance

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I usually wait and hide a minute or two for everything to load in, then attack. Tad slower than just charging in, but I prefer to be aware of my surroundings.

I’ve been invisible to my buddy a lot lately, haven’t had it happen ever until now, and only since the last update

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Predator optic prism camouflage😁

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This happened to a friend who I was playing with. I didn’t know until I’d already attacked a boss that it hadn’t even rendered for him yet.

It took half the fight before he could see the boss

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