To the world builders of the team

In short: it’s marvellous.
I am a low-fantasy and grim and gritty roleplayer type of gamer, also in pen and paper roleplaying games, and many fantasy worlds are too artificially over the top for me. Too shiny, to heavily ornamented, to boring. That’s different in the Exile lands.
I can’t think of a single location I discovered that was in any way boring. I took my sweet time exploring the world and have now been everywhere on the map, and I must say, it’s so very adventurous and awesomely crafted, I love it. Also the whole monumental buildings and ruins that scatter the landscape that remind me a lot of the first Conan movie. Also thank you a lot for ditching so many of those fantasy clichés and for keeping the ruin style to dark and solid.
Makes the Exile Lands actually the most interesting and pleasing game world I have seen so far.


Whenever I stream the game for friends, the first thing they always say is “Wow, the landscape looks great!”

And I concur.

People keep saying that Conan Exiles has a certain vibe to it.

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