Today's discussion is going to be on philosophies of replayability

In my opinion adding more dungeons is diminishing returns on time and investment. Because dungeons in this game have turned out to be one hit wonders, for a a number of reasons. Reason

  1. items obtained from dungeon are the same as all the other Dungeons and stats.

  2. There are no materials farmed out of dungeons required to craft items.

  3. Dungeons have no randomness and no artificial intelligence. It’s just the same 12 to 14 monsters standing in the same place

  4. I believe the way ahead is through increasing the tiered items in the game start the development on tier 4 and 5 structures, tier 3 furnace and blacksmith, with increased capabilities.

And with a heavy Focus on Crafting. With a heavy emphasis on farming and materials. And more exotic items. What this does is. Require individuals to play an extensive amount of time to farm rare materials in order to craft tier 3 furnaces and higher level items. And then once they’re rated the process rinses and repeats. And it starts the cycle over again

Items that I would like to see added to the game

  1. tier 3 furnace

  2. Tier 3 armor bench which incorporates unimproved and improved into one bench.

  3. A safe. So you would go from a box to a chest to a safe then to a vault.

  4. Black eyes two handed great sword. More variety of ornamental anti climbing fences. This would make a great DLC option. Also Stone gargoyles added to the game that matched current game features.

  5. Would like to see the farming implemented on a larger scale maybe be able to farm a 9 by 9 patch. It could be something you place down like a compost bin but much larger that allows you to plant rows of seeds.

  6. One slot animal pen. That locked
    Make the colonel current animal pins lock.

  7. Tier 3 furnaces the ability to forge black ice and obsidian.

  8. Tier 3 and tier 4 ovens and stoves need to have the ability to cook the same stuff as the fireplace and the campfire. They have lost the ability and are only able to do complex recipes

  9. Would like to see more tapestries and Banners implemented in the game this could be a standalone DLC

  10. Would like to see a complete rework weapon tooltips. That display more information.

  11. Upgraded our unique small throw will that supported to thrall’s but had the same size as a tier-one thrall wheel. But a unique highly stylized appearance. Made with hardened brick reinforced Steel and leather rope or chain. Materials that require tier 3 thralls.

  12. Items need to have unique characteristics all the in game items are very similar to each other. There needs to be a rebalance of the formula weight = damage = negative stamina.

Stamina draw needs to be reflected in the tool tips.

All similar materials need to have the same characteristics.

I would also like to see upgraded drawbridges. Teir 2 and 3.

More traps in anti Siege building construction for homes and bases.

  1. Would like to see a aquilonian armor set plus the rest of the toolset flushed out.

  2. Also would like to see a Berserker potion added to the game. That would give you demi-god status but then ultimately would kill you.

  3. Complete rework of the religious weapons. The Mitre spear, the emperor’s spear is pathetic. I was actually thinking it would do something special. Then I found out it’s just a clone of everything else upon killing an enemy it should take their Essence and not require an ankh. Also it needs to have some small visual effect upon collecting the essence.

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I agree, it wouldn’t be hard to make mobs spawn in random places in “dungeon” and adding random loot table into boss drops

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None of that creates replayability, it’s a simple extension of the current system. Not to mention, any long term player will experience what you suggested in less than a day and be right back at square one. Personally I have enough raw materials to instantly craft anything they could reasonably add in game without a second thought. And I don’t by any means think I’m the richest player in the game.

Replayability would suggest starting over from the beginning and doing things over again in the game, or some change in the system that isn’t fully predictable.

So I’m not saying I don’t think your suggestions are valuable and may be a welcome addition, but it won’t add any notable replay value. It’s an open world game, you have to be able to make your own fun with the tools provided to give the game longevity.

I don’t back the idea of requiring people to do more farming to add replayability to the game. It doesn’t actually do that, it’s just a time sink. The problem with replayability, even in a sandbox, is that at some point you reach the upper boundary of what you’re able to do, and most of the intrigue tends to be in reaching a goal for the first time. Subsequent attempts are often much easier and less demanding as you’ve defined a more efficient mechanism for reaching said goal.

Player’s en masse will only chase a carrot so long as it’s engaging and so long as they have a reasonable chance of acquiring it. The shelf-life on engagement is incredibly low, and one can only be asked to chase a similar carrot so many times before they refuse to do it any longer. Content creation of virtually any stripe is an uphill battle by default. Consumer’s will inevitably blast through it orders of magnitude faster than it can be provided.

I’m not sure what the answer to something like this would look like, save for overturning the gameboard once an ultimate objective is reached with entirely new parameters, which, at this time, is not a realistic goal.

If you ought to find any of these suggestions good, please note that in the future you may post this in the Suggestions subforum.
If these prove to be suggestions, they will be seen here regardless.

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