To Eric Friday's live stream Q&A

I have to admit I was rather pleased with the Q&A session with Eric. Outstanding job, it did bring up some questions I’m super happy that you guys are bringing in 5 dungeons, the issue though is dungeons don’t have replayability and there is a follow-on issue. There needs to be at title system implement into the game, so after you beat a certain boss you acquire a title IE you complete the game and you start a new character your new character has a title along with your new character Roll Along with your old titles that you’ve acquired during your last playthrough.

There’s a few issues that need to be addressed

1, is as you complete the game there is absolutely no benefit for it. There has to be Legacy progression like carry over stats, every time you beat the game star over character you get some kind of resource management Legacy stat. Or maybe a permanent attribute permanently locked to your account.

And you keep the assets that you’ve acquired during your game progression instead of having a complete wipe, and losing their resources houses and infrastructure.

Another issue is instead of doing 5 dungeons how about we do three Dungeons and an arena I would love to see an arena with a pre Greek aquilonian vibe you could use all the assets from the DLC this would speed up the production time. And the arena could be a multi-stage fight, and it would be random every time you did it and you would get some kind of random reward legendary item. And a title… sometimes when you enter the arena you would get. Animals in one stage and then another stage you might get a couple of thralls with the boss but every time it would be random. And this would give a lot of pliability and it would give people a reason to farm the fights. Also it would highlight all your hard work into the combat system.

But again really enjoyed the Q&A I found it equality discussion and a fairly good layout. I definitely would like to see this as a monthly event. Keep up the good work always a Critic but a loyal player

all I heard were excuses and maybes.


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