Today's live stream

So, we are supposed to have a live stream for the mounts today. Hope we get a date for the release.

But, do you think we will get any info for a potential season 3 of DLCs?

IMO, there are much more pressing matters regarding this update than DLCs,

Then it will probably be at the end for you :wink:

something like:
“it’s still 100” and then cut off video lol.


LOL … they might also add, all your previously captured and deployed thralls will remain worthless, you aint going to pick them up or re tame them., so be ready to loose them , for us (funcom) is fun to see you waste hundreds of hours, and we want you to spend hundreds of hours just to see you recapture those hard to find purge thralls, and if you have under-mesh thralls and lost ones, your fault, we aint going to help you deal with it either (they will still count towards your limit. XD

(evil Laugh) haha…XD


But still, It will be all in ONE update…

Like the previous DLCs came with game updates and hence why you were able to see the new building blocks in the last stream.

So probably FC will give a preview of it. Regardless if the community wants answers to other questions :smiley: :smiley:

They already did that, last stream, when Jens smirks and likens the loss of thralls (by way of the game deleting them if you have over 100) to “The Culling”.

I didn’t think it was appropriate for him to smirk at players hundreds if not thousands of hours being tossed down the drain like that…but, to each their own.


well you keep putting pressure until they can figure it out it is a bad idea,

last stream they say a 100 cap, lets hope they change their stance regarding repacking those thralls and to understand the mess they are doing, if not, i will make sure i remind them of this crap for a full year, (they know i am a pain in the “back” )haha very consistent and never forgetting XD

I wouldnt be surprised, if it gets even lower :smiley:

And Funcom said, they will make tests and look on the performance… So maybe they want to see how it behaves on testlive?
But are people even having thrall armies on testlive?

Guess they are not going to change the thrall cap afterall based on what little they said about in todays livestream. Total BS, they can keep the damn mounts. All I saw was a lot of changes that didn’t need to take place to items and mechanics that work fine.

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neither will they allow thrall pick up / re tame extremely rare thralls , (they are just -put a bad word here-- over their loyal fan base and THEY DONT give a damn about it. ,. very sad .

and so they did, they said a bit of the same BS at the end of the stream LOL…

Something I noticed in the live stream is that horses will level up faster than other followers and it will still take 4 to 6 hours to reach level 20.

So . . . you’ll have a very difficult time getting your entire army of 100 thralls (assuming max clan size) up to level 20.

I think you’re taking this more personally than you should, but I also think you are correct that Funcom is essentially telling you that your specific play style is not appropriate for an official server and you should consider moving to a private server or playing offline.


It does seem like they are trying to tell us that. Its just unfortunate that after almost 2 years and a few thousand hours on the same server that they decided that though

i am not concerned about the cap, i am more concerned of not letting us pick extremely rare and hard to find thralls, and re use it to make them useful, (purge thralls) some of us has spent hundreds of hours hunting some very specific thralls) they are also rated as the strongest , and once found and deployed they will be worthless thralls, they should.

  1. Allow pick them up.
  2. allow to capture them using the break bond (but not vanishing them) just make them untamed so they can be recaptured , and redeploy later ( obviously they need to disable the leveling system during that period)
  3. make the deployed thralls level up, (sorry funcom thats your damn problem to fix. and i am sure most people dont want excuses, you created the mess you need to fix it)

How long have you known the thrall cap is comin? Be more proactive and not reactive. I have an entire chest full of t4 volcano, berzerker, and purge thralls waiting for the update. With the new leveling system everyone is complaining they will be losing thralls that r gonna probably be weak as hell once the leveling is initiated anyways. Stop complainin and prepare for it. Its been almost a month already. They gave AMPLE time to prepare for it


Legacy thralls will be gone, just have to deal with it. They were basically useless anyway, rare or not.

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I think they have basically said without saying it, that there will be no more dlc with this thrall cap.

What makes you say that?

It’s interesting to read all the mixed comments about the upcoming update. I think a thrall cap is the least of the worries. Personally, I don’t think it will have the substantial effect on the game’s performance that is hoped for. My old private server, when everyone cleared out after the Dec. 18 update, had 3 players remaining, each with one structure and a handful of thralls. The performance was still lacking and it’s not been much better on single player. I’m not saying the number of buildings and thralls has no effect on performance, but I don’t think it’s insanely significant based on my experience.

With some of the changes that have been made in past updates and the ones that will be made soon, Funcom appears to be upsetting more players than they’re satisfying. And after a year and a half post official release with the game in the shape it’s still in with bugs and performance issues, combined with the effectiveness of all the previous updates, patches, and hot fixes, it seems to me that the writing on the wall is pretty obvious. This next update probably won’t work out so well and more players will bail.

That wouldn’t bode well. Steam Charts already shows, since the game’s official release, 8 instances of gained players and 11 instances of player loss per month. (Average number of players in a given 30 day period: May '18, 21,556; the last 30 days, 5,894) Some will say this is no indication of why people are leaving the game and there are indeed several reasons, I’m sure. But read these and other forums. I see more people complaining about than praising the game. Watch and read a few reviews as well.

I’m hoping I’m wrong…love the game and wish it wasn’t still playing like it’s still in early access, but I’ve already removed it from my PC. I’ll reinstall it if I hear good things about the next update/patch. If not, that’s likely gonna be a wrap for me. A year and a half is more than a generous amount of time for me to give a dev to get a game playing like a solid finished product. In that case…lesson learned.

Please make me eat my words Funcom. I’m still routing for you…albeit with low confidence.

no useless in their current form, will be when patch hits…

i am sorry but i am not dropping the subject , with the hopes of them changing their stance about it,… expressed a few posts up.