Toggle for Entertainers

Can we please get an ‘Entertained’ togle for entertainers?

Prior to 3.0 losing corruption was almost always desired so having entertainers in your base was fine. Post 3.0 there are times when you want corruption and times when you don’t, and having no way to stop the entertainained effect is seriously frustrating, especially when the effect has such a large radius and goes through all wall etc…

Just like with some crafting stations, all we need is a Stop button an entertainer. This would:

  1. Stop the ‘Entertained’ effect until re-started
  2. Stop the dancing animation



I like the idea.
I would just add that, if possible, devs could keep the entertained effect working even if the dancer has an emote applied. Make toggling it on/off affect the dancer default animation (dancing or not dancing), but keep it decoupled of the emotes so we can have them with or without the entertained effect. Maybe it could go under behavior: entertain/don’t entertain.

My hidden bases would love this idea.


Agreed. I find the dancing distracting anyway, mine are always sleeping or sitting around twiddling their thumbs :grin:


Or you can corrupt your attributes. Dancers can’t clear them. I had every single T4 dancer in the game, all the Sigils from Siptah and full Champion’s armour set on with corrupted attributes (that require souls like a budget Shang Tsung). Corruption didn’t budge.


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