Tomb Raider. Mission was Paused on Tier 2/3

Hello everybody. I tried to search under Tomb Raider & Mission paused. Alas no success. My issue i have a quest called “Tomb Raider” It is a side mission. It was paused on Tier 2 of 3. I cannot figure out how to unpause it. I tried google. Some have said go to where quest originated & unpause. I looked up the quest on Youtube. It was an icecream truck it came from here in town. Problem is. There is NO truck at that spot.

If anybody could help on how to unpause or reset the mission somehow i would be grateful. Thank you for your time.

The quest appears to start from a severed hand near a truck (so not really at the truck itself).
Are you sure you are at the correct place? Safest is to check by coordinates.

Edit: sorry for the wrong coords. I looked at the old guide. See poster bellow.

The truck and mission are at 364, 472:

Happy hunting…

That is where it is if you are playing “The Secret World” rather than “Secret World Legends”


Older guides (including my own notes, heh :slight_smile: ) often still contain the old locations. TSWDB has the right locations usually: Tomb Raider - TSW Database


Thank you very much. That did the trick! I appreciate the responses! Have a great evening.

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got it, thank you for your help. Finally got the quest up & finished.