Tomb RAIDing -- Scarab Guides

Transfered from the Original Forums, achievement guide for Tomb RAIDing in “The Dusty Dark”.

This one has to be done in one go (the count resets if you leave), and cannot be done at the same time as Flawless Archaeology.

Starsmith's General Guide

By the time you reach the first puzzle, you should have 5. One set on fire with the torch nearish the side mission.

Before you reach the Leap of Faith pit, you should have 20 in your count. One by the Eye of Horus and one by the bust of Akhenaten need to be set on fire.

You’ll need to fall in the pit; there are some to fight down there, plus one in the northwest corner that needs to be set on fire. Watch on your trip back up for another that needs to be set on fire. This will bring you to 26.

Before you reach the boulder, you should have 36; one near a torch in a rubbly corner needs to be torched.

Before you reach the acid trap, you should have 41. Don’t use the button to set the chasing mummies on fire–you need to torch a scarab in the room with the lore, fight a couple more in there, and torch one just outside one of the doors that will close when you hit the button.

By the time you get to the jump puzzle room, you should have 74. Be sure to look around the room itself for another, which will be 75. There’s a torchable bug in a corner the slopes downward, somewhere before you reach the puzzle room.

Before you reach the room with the diamond shaped puzzle, you should have 92 scarabs. Number 93 is in the room itself. In the maze before you get to this room, there are two torchable scarabs.

Before you reach the gauntlet of six mummies, you should have 98 scarabs. One you can set on fire is near a bust of Nefertiti, and another is nearish a dead end with some webs and rubble.

To get the last two, run through the mummy gauntlet, jump down and hit the button that kills them, then jump back up to find a torchable bug. Go back into the labyrinth room and look around the far edges for the last one!

Prosper01's Step by Step

There are 3 kinds of scarabs.

Hostile scarabs will attack on sight. They must be killed in combat.
Neutral scarabs will not attack on sight. They can be killed by Igniting your torch.
Scripted scarabs will sit still until you approach, then run under rocks or into walls. They can not be killed nor targeted. They will register as dead after they disappear.

Please note that it is impossible to do this achievement at the same time as Flawless Archaeology .

I apologize for the probably vague directions, this is a work in progress. If anything is particularly unclear, please let me know.

001: Scripted scarab at bottom of first ramp
002-003: Hostile scarabs at first intersection in front of They Belong in a Museum.
004: Neutral scarab in corner opposite brazier
005: Scripted scarab as you approach first spider web
Checkpoint: First floor puzzle. Turn right at bottom of ramp.
006: Neutral scarab in front of ancient bust
007-008: Hostile scarabs in dead end.
Head back to the bottom of the ramp and go left this time, then down ramp.
009-017: Scripted scarabs.
Another intersection. Head up the ramp.
018: Scripted scarab.
019: Neutral scarab in front of Eye of Horus. Head back down to intersection.
Head down the ramp.
020: Scripted scarab as you approach first pit.
Checkpoint: Fall into the pit
021: Neutral scarab in NW corner of pit
022-024: Hostile scarabs on top of corpse pile.
Leave the pit. Burn the cobweb.
025: Neutral scarab a ways past the cobweb.
026: Scripted scarab accompanying above scarab.
Checkpoint: Cross the first pit.
027: Scripted scarab as you enter the next intersection.
The next area is a bit complicated to describe. There are two ramps that take you to the same small maze area.
028: Scripted scarab as you approach a scarab statue (cannot be interacted with)
029-034: Scripted scarabs as you leave this area and approach another scarab statue
035: Neutral scarab past the second scarab statue
036: Scripted scarab straight past the previous one
Checkpoint: Boulder. Cross the pit.
IMPORTANT: After you cross the pit, do not step on the pad that activates the fire traps. Go past it to the right, the down one of the ramps.
037-039: 2 Hostile scarabs and 1 neutral scarab (same room as Nameless Lore #7) in secret room
040: neutral scarab crawling around in main room.
Now turn on the fire traps. Continue on.
041: Scripted scarab after cobweb.
Checkpoint: poison floor/dart area. After that, turn right.
042-044: 2 hostile and 1 scripted (?) scarab. Turn back and go down the ramp.
045-057: Scripted scarabs.
Another intersection. Head up the ramp.
058: Scripted scarab past weathered scroll.
Go back to the intersection, then down the ramp.
059: Neutral scarab.
060-061: 2 scripted scarabs at the next intersection. Turn right.
062-074: Hostile and neutral scarabs worshipping the Royal Scarab icon. Head back to the intersection and go straight.
Checkpoint: Arrive at jumping puzzle
075: Scripted scarab on floor of jumping puzzle (walk toward the East wall)
Checkpoint: Complete jumping puzzle
Come to an intersection. Head left up ramp. Burn cobweb.
076: Scripted scarab past cobweb.
Head back to intersection. Go straight.
077: Neutral scarab past debris.
078: Scripted scarab in front of scorpion shadow fake-out.
079-090: Scripted scarabs as you head down ramp.
The next area is kind of 8-shaped.
091: Neutral scarab in the middle of the 8.
092: Scripted scarab as you continue.
Checkpoint: arrive at floor puzzle
093: Scripted scarab in SW corner of floor puzzle
Checkpoint: complete floor puzzle and cross room
Another intersection. Go right.
094: Scripted scarab. Corridor loops around to intersection. Go left. Burn cobweb.
095: Scripted scarab as you approach debris.
096: Scripted scarab as you appraoch another debris pile. Head right.
097: Neutral scarab in front of bust. Turn back to previous intersection. Go left.
098: Neutral scarab in front of another debris pile.
099: Neutral scarab in middle of mummy hallway. Drop down and head to SE corner of room (but don’t enter labyrinth).
100: Scripted scarab in SE corner.

Carnovsky's Map