Tome issue unable to progress sorcery

Exiled lands
Official pvp
Unable to progress sorcery , the options to upgrade my tome do not show up

Anyone have any advice on how to fix this ?

There was another person with a similar thread.
And after much troubleshooting, their issue turned out to be that they simply completed all upgrades and finished the book, in which case yes the upgrade option disappears.
Transportory stones are the last spell you learn so if you already have that then that’s pretty much it.


Sadly I haven’t upgraded it . I am only able to make a ice bridge and lights and that’s it .

Did you make sure the tome item itself is in the thaumaturgy bench?
The upgrade option only shows up if you place the tome in the bench
Your bench will also visually show that as there will be a giant book on the table surface of it.

Unfortunately yes , I’m thinking it could be because I used a yellow lotus potion ?

Yes! It is bugged atm and will definitely cause issues like this.
In that case you have to go back to the cave and interact with the book again

I have some this , and it has stayed the same

In that case maybe a ticket to Zendesk would be the best solution here. They are able to interact with the specific server you’re on and do something similar as I pointed out here: