Too many chests on Siptah

Finding treasure is fun! However, it is becoming too common place on Siptah? Last NPC town I went through must have had 30+ chests to loot? I don’t need the gold and silver, as there are so many mines around the map to harvest it from now. I think after the 1.5 weeks I’ve been playing, I now have well over 1000 bars of each.

Is there a place to trade gold for Unstable ??? ? The last question mark is the one that makes the sentence a question.

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No there isn’t, though you probably want to make Alchemical base if not buying elephant hides :grin:

I’ve thought exactly the same thing. Why have they put gold and silver as rewards when they’re so easily obtained around Vaults. Pretty disappointing after fighting through a crowd, but a bit less than finding a few wood, ironstone, bones etc, along with them. I never pick up any of that stuff in small quantities because it’s a pain to put them all away in their respective chests when I return home. I only keep things like Steel bars/reinforcements, Ichor etc.

What kind of rewards do you think they should have?

Oh, I don’t mind a bit of coin in them, just not 30 chests in one town. Just the sheer quantity of chests to sort through. You can’t “not” open one if you see one, right?


Usually people complain there’s not enough loot…You should be happy, no?

We’ve been programmed to open chests in games so much it’s very difficult not to thanks to operant conditioning, but I’m at satiation point where the rewards (even though useful) are not satisfying and fill me with dread at the prospect of running from chest to chest storing the small quantities when I get home, but then again I drop a lot of ‘legendary’ weapons on the ground too.

I guess it depends where you are and what you have in the game.

Oh come on. You can never have too many “chests”. :smirk:

Seriously though, nobody ever said you had to actually keep everything you find in treasure chests. I mean, at some point you stop needing to save stuff all kinds of stuff because you’ve managed to build up a good stockpile. So if you already have all the gold coins you need/want, just do the same as you always do with all the random low grade weapons and pottery and candles and such that you find. Toss it out the window as you drive down the freeway.

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For those wondering, this is a thread regarding TestLive posted in the wrong section.


Ahh fu…crying out loud. :woozy_face:

You are quite right. I’ve been bouncing between sections of the forum and many of the overly abundant chests are part of the new NPC camps. This really belong in the TestLive section, if a Mod would be so kind as to relocate it?

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I liked all the chests. They actually made it feel like it was worth it to clear the camps, as the chests usually had more than stone, wood and plant fiber.

You should be able to do yourself. Just go up to edit the title or whatever (I haven’t made a post in a while so going off of memory), then you should be able to just change it to Testlive.

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That was far too easy!

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