I finally found where the siptah boss chests were

So i’ve been running dungeons expecting to find extra boss key chests… turns out they literally just threw around 12 chest around the entrace to the siptah tower. I also noticed that siptah vault mobs still have their pre age of war health totals.

Uhm, The chests were the whole time.


There was some here before age of war yes. Not even remotely close to this many though, and from the way it was advertised my understanding with the loot changes is that these extra chests were going to be in dungeons. Now I know that only applies to exiled lands.

To make matters worse the regular chests in this area are extremely powerful. Like insanely better than even max level purge chests. You can loot stacks of up to 25 dragonpowder, yes DRAGON POWDER, as well as loads of alchemical base, ichor, hardened leather/furs, star metal bars, ect. I was unable to find chests like these anywhere else in the game (both on siptah and EL).

Siptah seems like an afterthought or a screw up.

The easily killable slaver NPCs are dropping Legion Paudrons, Tassets & Boots

Just to show you your not existing knowledge of the game: there were minimum !9! chest SINCE MONTHS :wink:

True. Since Release of Siptah. I think 3 or 4 in front of the entrance, the rest of them scattered around the base.

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