Chests don't Refill over time? Including Vaults?

So when our Private server spun up a new instance for Siptah, we noticed that the boxes and chests didn’t seem to respawn after someone looted them. Ok… no big deal, this is the starter area, right? Not like there is much to gain here. (Although there is a rather large number of Plant Fiber/Stone merchants in these wreckages… why bring these from another shore? But I digress…)

The bigger problem seems to be that even the ‘good’ chests when you get further inland don’t respawn either. And worse yet, the Vaults don’t respawn either…? Or at least that’s what we are seeing now. So the problem becomes, you get 1 or 2 people that gear up faster than everyone else, and they start running the vaults daily, no one else gets the good loot at the end.

Can we look at letting the chests respawn loot, please? At least in the vaults and open world Boss chests? Or Maybe change the color on the Vault door from Blue to Red once it’s been looted so we don’t waste our time running an empty vault?

Or maybe I’m wrong about this entirely, so please let me know if I’m seeing something that is not entirely true. I mean… it’s happened before.

Thank you.


Sounds like an issue with your server. maybe a database issue?

Chests do respawn with items, in vaults also. Though there does seem to be issues with chests sometimes not respawning when the server is laggy or straining. Could be some link there. Suffice to say, they ‘can’ and should respawn, if they are not, there’s a problem.

Vault doors while blue are ‘reset’ ready to run. Unless someones already inside and looting.

Once ‘completed’, the vault door will loose the blue light markings and say ‘blocked’ when you move up to it. It’ll reset with the end of the next maelstrom. When Yog appears and starts creating wild surges, vaults are reset.

(Which btw is a really stupid mechanic. People quickly learn to instantly farm the vaults at daybreak and then no one else can… it’s a very limiting/restrictive mechanic that doesn’t work at all for PvE, and IMO is BS for PvP.)

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Thanks. That at least gives me some kind of hope. Now I just need someone with know how that can help me get an answer to HOW to get the chests to respawn things in them?

Thank you again!

I posted about chests not respawning as well the day of release. They said they are looking into the issue. As of today chests are still not respawning outside of vaults, excluding the ones that require keys. There are 2 chests that havent spawned anything in them since first day. Hope they fix it soon.

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I should mention that people on both private and public servers are reporting this as well, so you definitely arent alone.

They seem to respawn loot after a server crash. Ive looted a load checked them later and still empty, logged off for the night and come back and still they were empty. Then the server (non official) crashed and after it booted up the chests had respawned loot.

I have cleared Bastion of the Bat-demons twice in the past 2 days, and the big chest at the end has been empty both times. Just seems that if the boss can respawn, then the chest should respawn as well.

I haven’t been on for a few days but the chest itself never respawned for me at all. Also I ran the temple of the wolf and it seemed buggy. Did you have any problems with it?

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