Loot Chests always empty - last 2 days

I’m near New Asgard and in that area, no matter how much time I spend and wait, the loot chests are always empty. The enemies continue to repopulate the area, but all have empty chests. What’s wrong?

It seems a bit long indeed.
PVE/PVP or single player mode?
If it’s multi, probably an other player has already cleaned the area before you.
Keep in mind chests needs more time than NPCS to respawn/refill. Moreover i’m pretty sure you need to get out of the cell to let them refill whereas NPCs can respawn even if you’re standing 5 meters close to their spawn point.
last thing to note: it seems the further away you go, the fastest npcs and chests will be able to respawn/refill but i might be wrong.

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destroy the chests after looting them, and they will respawn with new loot.

But yes, the chests not spawning new loot has been an issue for a while. they have made some adjustments and progress, but apparently its still problematic.


I’m virtually the only one on the abandoned server. I have no one competing for the loot with me. I’ve gone great distances and it doesn’t seem to make a difference when I return, just a blank black screen with no inventory slots on the right of my own inventory.

Do I need a certain weapon to destroy the chests?

nope. any weapon will do it.

ok strange, try what night fury told you then…

That worked. Thank you!

Yeah been that way since launch I think I always had to break the loot box once I was done to get a new one to spawn since day one of EA launch…