Chests have "empty" loot

Another issue I kept having on different servers (official, pvp) is empty loot (of chest, sometimes thralls). It’s not empty per say - there is nothing, not even slots. Is this a bug or is it on my side? Example screenshot:

That is empty, as non player chests don’t show slots, at least legendary and other special ones don’t.
But may also be bugged re-spawn issue, as when someone loots these, they don’t always respond. Some believe it is the way one back out and doesn’t “close” the chest. But i can’t confirm. I just know some days, the chests are empty all day, with minimal players on, and some days they re-spawn regularly when server is near full.

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Thanks. Yeah, I had that before on a near empty server as well, that’s why I posted. This time there were people so I can’t be 100% sure.

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