Npc and chest loot should be more relevant

After going from camp to camp in Siptah, doing away with hundreds of human npcs and looting all the chests, I realise that I’m burning alot of bandages and potions, food, arrows. My weapons and armor keep getting used and end up spending lots of repair kits, which is the standard and I’m ok with that.
Looting the Npcs i down and the chests from their camps don’t seem to contain any of the things i consume. This doesn’t feel very immersive to me and it is a bit unrealistic that these groups of stygian people don’t use aloe elixirs, wraps, they only eat meat strips, and bug soup. Every camp has at least 1 cook npc and you’d think there should be something to eat above dried berries.

Even reading some of the notes in stygian camps and around the ley shrines, most npcs on Siptah already discovered eldarium and describe it as a very strong metal, mysterious, etc, but you never find eldarium in the camps. You can even find dead adventurers and scouts inside vaults, and one voiced-over note in a ley shrine talking about discovering how to use the delving bench, so what’s up with that. We should have eldarium bars in camps, even 2-5 laying around in some chest.

I also want to talk about the materials in the chests. The quantities are so small for stuf like stone, wood, etc that it feels like the fighters are guarding air. It takes 2min to farm 1k stone with the iron tools and in the 5min rading these npc camps i get very little. It makes me wanting to go back to farming materials instead of wasting my time raiding npc camps. There should be guaranteed bearer packs in the chests otherwise the camps are not worth it.
As for treasure chests, it’s the same story. One mining trip in certain parts of the map can yield 500 silver/gold ore. That’s worth alot more than looting 6 gold bars and 10 silver coins. I never loot coins or bars from chests because i don’t consider them a treasure. 100 coins or 20 bars at least would be more convincing.

Please add more wraps and aloe potions on npcs loot, and have them drop more frequent like once every 5 npcs would be nice. Even the basic ones would be really cool.
Add more coins/bars in treasure chests to justify the time investment hunting for these. These should be an alternative to mining gold and silver.
Small camps should yield at least 3 bearer packs guaranteed while in bigger camps 10 is a must to feel like I want to go back there.

What I really like about the new camps is that these are a very good source of ???. Wish there would be more npc_camp_specific_materials that you can’t find anywhere else in a reliable amount, so I can have a reason to visit camps more often and not just for thralls.

Other improvements:

  • thralled npcs shouldn’t have weapons after being placed. prisoners don’t carry weapons.
  • archers should drop advanced arrows and in larger quantites. I spend thousands daily and it is tedious to have to craft these again and again. getting some back from npcs corpses would be the best thing and a nice survival experience having to use what i find.
  • add fodder to convert a horse into a 30 slots pet, like we have for the rhino.
  • add usable camp fires and water sources like water barrel, well in all camps.
  • add elite npcs in camps, like we find in surges(including their loot, like armor pieces)

One final thought:
During one of the streams for Isle of Siptah it was mentioned that there will be more horizontal progression. I expected that we would have more alternative ways to get materials since that’s what Conan Exiles progression means. For example it I wanted to get stone I could grab a pickaxe and mine it, or I could loot chests and get just as much. Right now, the only reasonable way to get materials is using tools and adjusting npc and chest loot would add more horizontal progression.
A very good example for horizontal progression is looting cimmerian heavy armor from mounds of dead(exiled lands) or accursed camps(siptah) instead of crafting it for your guarding thralls. You can get full sets of heavy cimmerian armor if you farm long enough. I’ve heard alot of people liked that, so please add more of this stuf.

This is my personal opinion regarding npc and chest loot, after playing update 2.3, exploring the content.
Let me know your thoughts and feel free to add your own ideas.

Best regards.

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