Too noble peasant clothes!

Platform: PC
Issue Type: Wrong Crafting Material
Game Mode: All Modes
Server Type: All Servers
Map: All Maps
Server Name: -
Mods: No Mods

Bug Description:
The Nemedian peasant trousers are made with animal skin. Which makes sense. However, all other parts of the set require silk! What kind of farmer’s clothes are these?


Comfortable ones. Dont they look comfy?

Ought to be made with fiber.

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That will just make them more itchy

I submit this isn’t one of the more looming problems.

Looming? Clothes? I see what you did there… :thinking:

Anyway, my biggest issue is that no hair is showing on the hats. I mean, it’s been HOW LONG and we still can’t get hair on our head gear? The Witch Queen Mask has built-in hair (unfortunately, only available via admin panel). Is it terribly difficult to give us hair for them? At least for the female versions… come on…

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It would have to be included with the hat. You can turn off “hide hair” in the kit, but then the hair clips thru the headgear. It looks really bad as a simple change which would mean every headgear would need to be made for every hairdo. Sucks but thats how it works with the meshes.

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Wow, really? I am learning a lot today.

It would he even harder because hats dont check hair. Its just one mesh and there is an option to hide hair in the equipment table. Thats why earings have hair; the option is unchecked. So not only would each hat have to be associated with a hairdo, they would need a system to check too.

Yeah, I’m aware. That’s why I mentioned the mask. It still picks up your hair color, but it’s confined to one style. I’d totally be ok with that since I know that they’d have to redo hair and the way it works to accommodate it. Pretty sad when you see older games with better use of headgear over hair. They usually do it with layers and remove a layer or two to accommodate the headgear.

:brazil: feedback

  • Isso não é um bug além disso o conjunto é ótimo lembra bastante os conjuntos de época medieval até incluir eles na cidade que fiz dentro de meu servidor com mapa mod Savage Wilds e esse conjunto funciona melhor que os anteriores do bazar…

  • Quer ver um BUG??? Confira abaixo como o BUG de um conjunto lançado a mais de 5 meses ainda não foi ajustado, fiz questão de gravar são dois conjuntos

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