Как решить эту проблему

кто может подсказать получил бан в steam не за что не каких сторонних программ на пк не стоит но античит стим выдал бан на конан хотя я даже в тот день не играл и даже небыл дома подскажите решение проблему чё и куда писать

Are you sure it’s the Steam anti-cheat that got you banned? If you’re getting an in-game message that you’ve been banned from accessing official servers, then Funcom banned you for breaking the rules of their Official Server ToS and you need to open a Zendesk ticket to ask them for more information. (Make sure you pick the correct value for the request type field.)

If you’re getting a different message, you’ll need to describe it (or even better, attach a screenshot), so someone can figure out what’s going on.

who can tell me I got banned in steam, there’s no reason for any third-party programs on the PC, but the anti-cheat steam issued a ban on conan, although I didn’t even play that day and wasn’t even at home, tell me the solution to the problem of what and where to write


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