My Steam account was hacked on 19/6/2021

Funcom Support #1170162

Dear developers:

My Steam account was hacked on 19/6/2021

steam ID : [Removed by admin]

Retrieved Steam password today 20/6/2021 and found the game was banned

I don’t understand

Why is that?

Please help to unseal it

I am level 60 on PVE-C 6205 and have a lot of friends. 487 hours

Please find out the situation and unban me

Please deal with it as soon as possible. I need to play games

Thanks Conan Exiles

Admin edit: Removing steam ID from post

File a ticket you will not get an answer here

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Where can I make a complaint ?

You can enquire about ban status here;

Nice try :slight_smile:


Discussing your account status on public forums is unsafe in the first place. Telling your ID and details regarding your account are what make you vulnerable to account theft. Use only the proper channels to discuss your account status, and only with Funcom staff.

Sounds very fishy to me, got caught doing something naughty i got hacked honest :wink:

Hacked Steam account?
That’s the first time I hear this one…

Always enable 2 step authentication via mail or app.

You will need to submit a request through Zendesk for assistance with Conan Exiles issues. The email ticket you cited was submitted through our MMO support page and we can’t assist you with this issue through that path. We apologize for the confusion.

Also please don’t post your Steam ID in public. :slight_smile: