Toxic clan walled in my base in PVE official

How do I get a clan reported? I’ve heard Funcom is no help. This clan built an entire GIANT wall around my very small base. They basically built a base around my base. I’m on PVE server 3532.

Additionally, I’ve been on this server for roughly 2.5 years and had little to no issues with it prior to this clan that suddenly showed up recently. They’ve been building all over the map under the pretense of helping others by making map rooms, bridges, etc. it all feels cluttered and invasive and there’s redundancies with multiple map rooms nearby already established map rooms by the original alpha clan on the server. It was very peaceful before. Now, this is the last straw. You cross them or make a mistake in their presence and they pull something as petty as building an unbreakable base around your buildings. Something needs to be done. I’d rather not move on to another server after being on this one for so long. There’s literally someone in their clan on almost 24/7 so they’re unavoidable.

We need servers admins to solve this sort of situations in fews hours max. Ban + decay = 0 of all of theirs buildings. It is again simple.

Did you get any reply to this? I have the same problem on PVE-C server 6107. Clan “Elderfloor” has walled in my base and land grabbed the entire area around me in M9

Nope… just posted about this now. Woke up this morning when my friend messaged me about it. I upset them last night by “interfering” in their purge. I tried to apologize to the guy that messaged me, but he completely ignored me. At that point, I knew they were doing something petty.

The procedure for reporting a clan is this post:

Good luck. :+1:


Thank you! I messaged one of the CMs, but after seeing this, i messaged all of them with the format noted. I hope this gets taken care of quickly. Some of these former PVP players really have no sense of civility.

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Apparently they’re also making fun of me and my clan mate and trying to provoke us by mocking our screen names “Suzy Q” and “Mary.”