Tralls and Pets missing

Online Co-op issue with Thralls and Pets missing but visible on the map, bug.
Playing PVE in the UK.

When first tamed they are where placed but if you go on a mission and come back some are always missing yet still appear to be where you left them on the map. The only way to get them is to rescue them and then you lose their armour and everything they are carrying.
Also when we get back to our base if I am in Co-OP on another persons game, all the trees and bushes that were removed when building are back and I can’t build or

I expect to not lose my team and pets or to have the environment altered so drastically that I have to leave the game and reload.

As far as I know co op has issues , I would advise you not to invest a game build in this session . Try to take most of knowledge possible and jump in an official server , or a private for easier days :wink: .
I play official pve for 3 reasons

  1. It is loading and performing better than single player
  2. Anything you get is your own farming , nobody can doubt your progress .
  3. You meet new people and make friendships , which is more important than the game it self .

Good luck have fun .

ps. once my son deleted the game by accident , when I load back the game I lost all my pve progress , but not the ps achievements

I can tell you whats happening, your thralls just died , right?? we have a clan at 3510, called Serpent Society and they have found a way to use the Altars as weapon…yes at PvE, i have texted many times as well my clan mates, here and at Zandesk but no answer, they just banned us from all servers, most probably you have same issues , and how they do it, they probably create a new character, make it happen and then erase character, i have lost allot of bases like that, the only good thing…lol…i have them in my event log, but the developers dont seem to give a s…t!

If you’re the host in co-op, activate admin mode, head to your missing thralls last known location (use the highlight thrall feature in follower tab), then use ghost mode to locate them under the map. Once located, manually grab them and place them on foundations. Ghost mode’s easier and more cost effective for thrall rescues than the rescue button.

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