Transfer Failed (TokenFailed )


Lost characters during transfer.
My wife and I wanted to move characters from PVP servers to PVE-C.

But there was an error “TokenFailed”
character is gone!

  • Server number: from 1307 PVP to 1213PVE-c
  • Character name: Atas#73130 and Vetaria#24800
  • Steam ID:76561198030615716 (Atas) and 76561199193700049 (Vetaria)

help pls! I saw similar problems on the forum. What should we do?
Sorry for my English.

Hello! If you go to and click on “Submit a Report” up the top, where it says request type select “Character Transfer Issues” :slight_smile:

It took about a week for them to restore my character so you you might have to be a little patient.

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