Transfering between servers - Say goodbye to everything you can't carry

So I was curious if the the long term plan was for all your stuff on the old server to be abandoned, or will there be an option to retain ownership of those bases, thralls and items left behind? For me, all I want to do is transfer between my Siptah and EL dedicated servers AND maintain bases on both. The transfer is a bit pointless if I have to abandon everything each time I cross over.

For Official server players, I can completely see the value of a transfer and abandon, simply as a way to leave a toxic server for a fairly clear server that hasn’t been destroyed. But that only addresses folks that need to bail on a server.

If you play in a clan, I think the transferring would be a little better, as a clan mate can retain the base ownership, while you go play on another server. Just have to make sure one clan member always remains behind to keep the bases alive.

I know this feature is in the very early stages and has a ton more to be done with it, so I am hopeful we can retain ownership of bases on multiple servers.

if that is the case, then I think i will be doing what I already do…bounce tween exiles and the island. :slight_smile:

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Hey @sirvink

The server transfer feature is still heavily under construction. Once all its bits and pieces are put in place, we will release an announcement detailing its characteristics, how to use it, limitations and any other bit of information that’s important to know.


If they implement a cooldown on transfering then it is most likely for ur previous base to decay. That is why transfering with inventory is the way to go. So many here on Forums Do not even want to have a communication around this transfer.

They all see their server overflown with cheaters and griefers, refusing to understand that there is nothing that stops those Kind of players from doing it now, without the transfer feature that is coming.

Why not let, for once, the devs to do what they have planned for it?

I saw someone mentioning that this feature is “a bigger Boot” then what the devs cand handle. Ofc it is when they try to please each and everyone of us…

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It is a pretty hot topic and I think we are all trying to discover what their actual plans are. We all want to give proper input on the pros and cons of the proposed solution, which is what the devs need from us. THey will make the decisions and we will have our opinions, regardless of the final outcome.

It is all good and for the most part constructive for the future of the game.

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