Translation issue of challanges

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: all
Map: both
Server Name: all
Mods: /

Bug Description:

Translation issue

  1. challenge “harvest trees” in german “Bäume ernten” sounds strange.
    Better is here “Bäume fällen” (like cut trees or cut down trees)

  2. challenge “butscher corpses” in german “Leichen töten” sounds strange like “kill corpses”. Better is here “Leichen schlachten

  3. challenge “harvest coal” in current german translation “Kohle ernten” sounds strange. Better is here “Kohle abbauen

  4. challenge “Defeat a Sandreaper Hive Queen” in german translation “Eine Sandechsen Bau-Königin besiegen” (wow a “Sand Lizard Building Queen”)

    Is that a lizard (Echse)? It looks more like an insect.
    New german name could be “Sandschnitter-Königin

Bug Reproduction:

Open challenges

Thank you for improvment in the next patch, hotfix or update.


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