Transportory stone bug / glitch - can't activate it on high places (around the vulcano area)

my transportory stone can only be activated at lower levels, whenever i try to activate it i get the “you are too far away” error message (me and my friend have tried it both on creative and on a official server and we get the same results, we cant activate it on high altitudes

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Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out. In the future, please consider using the bug report template to speed things up.

Can you share an example of a coordinate where you notice the issue?

Thanks in advance.

It seems that the same happens on all platforms, in some regions, such as volcano, it is possible to place benches, but minions protecting and activating spells cannot, the error of “being too far away” always appears.

In reality, it seems like Funcom doesn’t care about the bugs, the best solution is to show them who pays the bills, just for the players to stop buying bazaar and they can fix the bugs.

Greetings Exiles,

Could you also share with us your character and clan names?
As well as the server number where you noticed the issue?

Thanks in advance.

:brazil: bug help

Estão reclamando por que não conseguem ativar um portal em uma base voadora e vem aqui para reclamar que sua “base” está certa :sweat_smile: ? Por que está tão alto sua base :thinking: ?

Você poderia gravar mostrar seu mapa aqui?

:brazil: feedback bug @Funcom_Community

Sim isso com certeza lembra que o bazar é opcional compra quem puder comprar, e falando sobre isso estamos pagando para apoiar o trabalhos dos desenvolvedores que fazem um excelente trabalho e também seguem algumas dicas da comunidade… Eu adorei quando foi criado as capas e ajustados as DLC de poitain “Riders of Hyboria Pack” confira os detalhes abaixo:

Vamos falar sobre o assunto do BUG que pode ser ajustado se houver e se for bem detalhado.

Dear, if you don’t have something to add, such as a solution, please don’t disturb the forum, as I have the same problem on the Xbox, on a base in the volcano… it’s not about the flying base, but about the benches that use rituals, bugs in the regions of the volcano and some reports mention the upper part of the north. The friend put “high altitudes” because on the map the volcano is located at the top of the map, anyway… BR being BR… shame on others… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Editing because someone admin considered it offensive or hateful conduct. First of all, I’m Brazilian and I just said that I’m ashamed of others, also Brazilians, who come to the forum to talk shit without even trying to find out what’s going on. To the forum administrators, instead of wasting time hiding players’ criticisms, fix the game bug, let’s get to work… I stopped buying from the bazaar until my base on the volcano started working again with the sorcery (teleportation) counters. To reiterate, I don’t use glitches and I don’t have flying bases, the server is PVE, why would I be on a flying base? Again, they will work and fix the bugs… until then I won’t buy anything else in the game.


server: 2211

clan: AloneInPaz

character: SerpaBR#1633

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I have the same problem:
Unable to activate Transportory Stones, even if I have the right amount of resources put in it, and I’m standing in the exact center of the Transportory Stone.
I’m not encumbered either. The error message is “You are too far away.”

Version: PC
Official Server #1092 PVP
Player: LingMei (Kithan Exile#02263)
Clan: None (Clanless)

I made two Transportory stones not far from the Volcano, at a high altitude.
Both have the same problems.

Note: this bug suddenly appeared after one of the recent patches. The first Tranportory Stones I made was working perfectly for months before one of the recent patch.

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