Transportory stone, Circle of Power and Thralls dont work at higher places in the Volcano

Also to east of Path of Pilgrim is broken, hell close to half the map doesn’t even work right anymore…

Hello, checking to see if you have any updates on this issue thanks!

I was told the information has been relayed to the relative people for analysis!

Same issue on Xbox Series X. Ended up tearing down my base at H-11 because of the entire area being rendered unusable thanks to that utterly useless update at the start of October.

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This problem is also at the top of most trees in the jungle. This seems to happen everywhere on the map after a certain height


I also seem to have this problem. Pretty much anywhere higher than the Temple of Frost my Followers stop following and I can’t activate Transportory stones. Thralls will rubberband to me after I cross that distance threshold, but won’t follow, attack or move to a location.

And some weird behavior on the way to “the floe” entrance to the volcano from the icy slopes. Some of my thralls would run back down hill after teleporting to me. Almost like there was something to attack, but then they’d just stop at the foot of the mountain.

Once I’m in the Volcano, they teleport to me and just stand there. Refusing to move or attack anything. I can move the horse around, but that’s it. Won’t follow me when I dismount.

Edit: Its not just my thralls. Even enemies and wildlife won’t move or do anything.

It all seems to point in the same direction in my opinion. There is something wrong in the underlying map grid or whatever it is that characters actually walk on.

Because it doesn’t work, the game can’t figure out a route for the character from place A to place B within the problematic area.

The sorcery benches won’t work, because they involve the character walking to a place and doing an animation. Since the ground is not a walkable area, they cant move to the correct spot to do the associated animation.

Thralls get stuck cause their route-finding algorithm doesnt work in this area. You mentioned your thralls running back, probably because they were trying to find a route to where you were.

You can’t place thralls, because the game determines the ground is not “walkable area”.

And this is somehow related to altitude in the exiled lands. It happens on all areas that are at high enough altitude.

The fact that the devs have been really quiet about this, kind of tells me that they tried to implement something to counter flybases… only it didn’t work and instead messed things up. I really hope they can come up with an actual working solution that doesn’t invalidate large swathes of the map for regular gameplay.

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:brazil: bug servers
Como conseguiu fazer uma base nesse ponto do mapa? Por qual motivo? já faz tempo que joga Conan Exiles ? Você sabia que esse local era um ponto base de alguns trapaceiros?

:thinking: Poderia gravar sua base, interagir com o botão “ESC” em seguida fazer o mesmo com o botão do menu “TAB” ?
“Por favor grave no mínimo 5 minutos mostrando a parte externa de sua base se não atrapalhar sua gameplay”

Espero que consiga fazer o clipe estou tentado em fazer os testes sobre isso mas tenho que saber o local exato de sua base :slightly_smiling_face:

:brazil: bug
Tente fazer dessa forma deve resolver seu problema

Wrong. Removing the bracelet fixes nothing. See the other thread.

Yeah i just experienced this as well in the snowy area. But uh hey, there’s “an offer worthy of kings!” sale today. Too bad those kings can’t afford timely tech support.

I assume this was something to try and combat flybases. I wonder if they even considered undermesh skybases, those are more of an issue than the ones in the sky. Regardless, this attempt won’t work as there are other ways for cheaters to transport loot without the use of a circle of power or transportary stone. The recent skybases I’ve raided all had other means on their base to combat this, I just didn’t realize that’s why it was there instead of a circle of power until now. So, for the love of god revert it until you can get it to work properly as intended so the rest of us can play the game. It’s not like keeping the botched update in play is preventing anything. All it is accomplishing is a mild inconvenience for sky basers and a massive inconvenience for actual players in 3 out of the 5 biomes.

may be your are wrong, may be they simply messed the code for some area of map because
when i find a skybase after weeks and weeks of research i still find all the shit, maproom, tp , circle of power. and i confirm you that on 2 differents spots of the volcano legit near the limit of the world in height where i have base, i have one circle not working, and on the other one circle is working

may be a better idea to fix the bug of building system allowing to build skybase, may be a better idea to have zendesk react quickly when a skybase or undermesh is reported with clear evidence (because actually they ignore it very often, and when they do something it is not before 1 month, they are much more faster to suspend legit players), and may be a better idea to give real sanction for skybase or undemersh, because 2 weeks suspension for a skybase undermesh that require to use a third party program to build, this is a joke and showing a real problem at zendesk (i talk for what i saw)

Guys why circle of power dont work on my skybase.funcom seems to not care about its customers why you make my time hard i need to wipe so.many enemies i cant use Camel everytime i want to go back to base guys Fix this quick march march

You are serious!? Or is it just troll?
Rules of use of FunCom servers
By doing this Funcom is just trying to protect its customers (those who play legitimately).

The rules implemented by Funcom say the opposite.
All communities have rules, laws, procedures, at work, at school in the street. Without laws, rules or other it is anarchy, the law of the strongest.
To protect their customers and allow everyone to play serenely and in good FunCom conditions has set up rules Rules of Funcom server We have for obligation and out of respect for other players to respected them just as we must respect the law.

It is obvious that not all of these laws (overcounding in PVE, flying basis in pvp etc.) but in the event of a sanction, we must not come and complain, because raped the law estimates to us at risks.

So yes indeed you are a customer like me is the same rights as me, but you had the same duties as me : respect the rules.

Note that this is an actual issue, that troubles LANDBASES in the volcanic area or any area that is high enough from the noob river level.

I wish moderators would remove all the troll posts.

Any base above the tree line is affected with this stupid bug.

FYI this issue impacts everyone. it really REALLY needs attention. i know funcom is down to a skeleton crew for support, but something like this should be prioritized.

also OP make sure this thread stays active and doesn’t get locked. respond in it within 7 days to keep it from lock. the longer this stays going, the more likely it will get adequate attention.

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It appears that this issue may be fixed in todays update. I was able to activate the portal stone which was previously bugged. I will test further later, but right now Im interested in the new purge/stygian raid stuff.

edit: yes, thrall bugs related to altitude have also been fixed. I have not had any occurrences of this bug after age of war, chapter 3 came out.

It took them OVER TWO MONTHS. But its done now.

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