Transportory Stone collision

Although its not exactly a bug… The stones used in the Teleporter are a cluttered mess. With 15 portals active it becomes almost impossible at times to actually find a specific stone. If the stones were at least smaller with collision They would not mesh together. The larger stones end up making them stack out over the sphere of the portal. Please can we get collision on the stones? just orbs would be better then the rocks as long as they don’t mesh together.

I’m just going to put this quote here because my feelings on it hasn’t changed.

If you want to have 15 Transportory Stones, then you have to deal with the mess you created. It absolutely can be annoying trying to use them when you have that many, I have that many myself, so I am acutely aware, but that is a consequence of our own decisions and I would not want to make it easier to have so many and encourage everyone to build 15+ stones.


Yep. A small price to pay for the convenience of every poi is a 30 second walk.

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