Transportory Stone renaming issue?

I haven’t seen this but if it’s been mentioned once before, I apologize. But I want to rename my sorcerer portal that is at my main base. However, every time I log off then come back later, it reverts back to it’s original “Transportory Stone” and the stone at my outpost will say the name of the default location, in my case, North Imi’s Cradle. I was told this happened to others, while some say they don’t have this issue and their portal stays whatever name they have on it.

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You have to rename it before you activate the portal.
Just deactivate your portal and name it as you wish then reactivate it and the name should stay.

PC, Single player server


thanks for the hint, until yet i had no clue that you can name your teleporter xD

By the gods, THANK YOU! This was so annoying I thought it was a glitch.

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