Trebuchet has shorter decay time than foundations it's placed on

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Trebuchet placed on T3 foundations with max decay time.
Trebuchet has MUCH shorter decay time.
At the time of writing this bug report, the decay time has been extended, so the foundation have a decay time of 336 hours.
The siege foundation and the trebuchet has a decay time of 136 hours.
The siege foundation was slightly raised before placed.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Create a structure that gains max decay.
  2. Place a siege foundation on structure with max decay.
  3. Build the trebuchet.
  4. Note the difference in decay time with a repair hammer.

Decay time seems to increase. Slowly. Will update later.

Alas, no change when I log on again. Decay time is back to where it started.

Hello @Kruttmusa, thank you for pointing this out.

Could you please provide further information in order to assist us in the replication of this issue:

What exact type of foundation did you use in your structure?

Can you share a screenshot of the trebuchet builds attempted that result in this issue?

Did you try placing the siege foundation by itself as well?

I used T3 Reinforced Foundation and T3 Reinforced Wedge Foundation to create a circle structure with T3 Reinforced Fence Foundation on the perimeter of the circle.
The circle had a radius of two rings.

I initially placed the siege foundation by itself, but it had the same timer.
To verify that the structure should be within range of other buildings with max decay I placed a Protected Torch on multiple locations where the siege foundation would be placed, and it got max decay.

I do not have any screenshots but will do that now and update shortly.

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Building on one side of siege foundation location:

Other building on the other side of siege foundation location:

Torches with max decay provided by surrounding buildings:

Just the foundation:

Added trebuchet initial piece:

Upgrade one:

Upgrade two:

I also noticed that the decay time is the same regardless if the siege foundation is placed on other foundations.
So it’s seemingly missing the CanHazDecayBonus = true flag.

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Thank you for providing additional details, we’ll be forwarding these to the developers!

That happened to me also had 2 of them on yamatai foundations it had short decay timer eventually they both decayed and disappeared

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Mine has disappeared yesterday…. it seems after 3 days, the rest of the base is fine

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