🏝 TRIALS OF THE TRIUMVIRATE - PvP/RP (24/7 Combat - No Base Damage)


Greetings wanderers,

Welcome to the Trials of the Triumvirate forum post.

We are a PvP-RP server that was created on the 27th of February as a place to engage in light roleplay, server events, limitless player vs player interaction, but without the risk of losing your base. We encourage you to join our slowly growing server and stake a claim in the land in these early stages of our life.

With warm regards,
Hakeem Naziri, Server Administrator and Keeper of Stories. :scroll:

:desert: Direct Connection

:desert: Server Settings

:madeofstars: No Mods
:madeofstars: No Wipes
:madeofstars: Purge: .5X
:madeofstars: Gathering: 2X
:madeofstars: Experience: 2X
:madeofstars: 50 Players Slots
:madeofstars: Beginner Friendly
:madeofstars: Server Region: CST
:madeofstars: No Admin Spawning
:madeofstars: Containers are Lootable
:madeofstars: Server Restart: 6 AM CST
:madeofstars: Day / Night : 45/15 Minutes
:madeofstars: PvP: 24/7 - No Base Damage
:madeofstars: Bodies are Persistent on Logout
:madeofstars: Roleplay is Encouraged with Server Events
:madeofstars: Hosted on M.2 SSD Over PCIe4 Gigabit 3rd Gen Ryzen

:desert: Planned Server Events

:madeofstars: Scavenger Hunts
:madeofstars: Referral Program
:madeofstars: Jousting Contests
:madeofstars: Melee Tournament
:madeofstars: Grand Bazaars (Bargain Deals)

:desert: Server Lore

Our in-game side story follows a group of fumbling archaeologists as they travel from the southern river to the northern peaks trying to unravel a mystery surrounding the Triumvirate. Each week a new location is revealed where players can find a camp with journals, scrolls, and loot [for the first to locate the previous chapter clues and decipher the camp]. The final chapter will involve a server-wide event and hopefully will prove to be enjoyable for the entire player base.

:desert: Total Active Player Population

11 Exiles

:desert: Discord Server

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Now hitting a solid 6-8 players in the evenings. Hopefully we can grow that to between 20-30 within the next week or two. A big welcome to the new folks!

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:sunny: UPDATE

The main post has been supplemented with new information - server settings.

  • Server Restart (4am CST)

Please plan your adventures accordingly and don’t get caught out in the wild! We are working on creating an automated 5 minute warning however this is low priority for Wraith/Einar, our server host.

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Hello folks! I’m Wraith, one of the administrators for Trials of the Triumvirate. If you have any technical questions about the server (hardware, settings, etc) feel free to let me know and I’ll answer ASAP.

I’ll reply here but it’s easier to use Discord to reach me :slight_smile:

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Posting a quick update… we’ve had a very good Week 1. A big thank you to everyone that joined to give it a try! A few of the highlights…

We’ve had at least 15 people join the server over the past week, and out of those, about 12 have stuck around. You guys rock! So far the PvP has been at a minimum while everyone is getting themselves established, but as soon as I find whoever keeps stealing my fish out of my traps… there will be blood!

Server performance has been tweaked and optimized. We self-host so we have more control than most other server owners do, but the trade off is that it takes a bit longer to get everything just right. Thankfully hosting a Conan Exiles server is a lot easier than it was the last time I hosted. Funcom has done a lot of work and it shows with the fancy GUI and more well-defined settings. A big thanks to the other server owners in the community for trailblazing most of the issues we came across!

Finally, now that the server is starting to settle in, we’re going to shift our focus (as the admin team) towards designing events for the server. We’ll post back here with updates throughout the design process. If you have suggestions or recommendations (even if you aren’t a part of our community… yet :wink: ) we welcome the input.

As always thank you for your interest in Trials of the Triumvirate, and may you crush all your enemies.

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:sunny: UPDATE

The main post has been added to with new information, server setting details, design, and cleaned up.

  • Server Region (CST)
  • Bodies persist on logout
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Thanks for the update Wraith! :+1:

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Hey, all. Figured I’d put in my two cents.

I came to this server to get the bad taste of some other games out of my mouth and wanted a good place with some familiar names I’ve enjoyed hanging out with in the past.

I know Wraith and Arkathos from some of those other games I mentioned. I think it’ll be a good time for everybody, once the server builds up some new blood. These two are ludicrously excited and it’s starting to rub off on me.


:sunny: UPDATE

The server now has around 10 people who return regularly throughout the day to play. As a result, I will be creating a titlyard for jousting tournaments to be held on the weekends. All competitors will pay an entry fee of gold coins, and then I will provide the award for the victor. As we do not support admin spawning of any kind, all awards will be from my own coffers.

As always, we welcome you to join the fun - create your own paradise - and participate in the community!

Hakeem the Scholar :scroll:

:sunny: UPDATE

Our server is now scheduled to restart at 6am CST. As our generation apparently has horrid sleeping schedules, 4am CST was still populated with a few players, so hopefully you are all in bed by 6am.

  • Server Restart 6am CST

:sunny: UPDATE

We are happy to announce that the Trials of the Triumvirate server now supports Role Playing. While it is neither strictly enforced nor mandatory, we eagerly encourage players to engage in unique encounters and community server events!

  • The first 2 chapters of the Trials of the Triumvirate story line have been placed in the world, beginning at the Archaeologist Camp at the foot of the southern Sentinel statue. This is a small, player made in-game lore story to provide humor and entertainment. The final chapter in the story will involve a server-wide event, and all participants will receive rewards for their efforts in protecting the lands.
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:sunny: UPDATE

Small update this morning, we have edited the main post to shorten the introduction post, and added the server lore.

The new server story line has been done primarily by Arkathos (Hakeem the Scholar). I gave it a try yesterday and I have to say, I’m genuinely impressed. As none of the Administration team use any commands on our server, I checked it out as a regular player. Extremely seamless and fits in well with the world. Above all else - the writing isn’t cringe like most RP stories are in Conan.

I look forward to exploring the storyline as additional chapters are released.

(Please note that I say this objectively and without bias… not that I expect anyone to believe that considering my staff role on the server :wink: )

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:sunny: UPDATE

After a full day of cooking materials and messing up my symmetry and rebuilding, the jousting arena is ready for our first server event on Sunday! We hope to see some new faces before then to add to the 10 regular players we see throughout the week.

A big thank you to the folks who showed up to the event!

Next weekend we’ll be hosting an Anarchy event! Those with a penchant for PvP will appreciate this… Starting next Friday evening, the server will be cloned. The regular Trials of the Triumvirate server will continue on as usual. But a second server will appear! :scream:

Trials of the Triumvirate UNLEASHED will be a carbon-copy of the main server but with full building damage for the duration of the event. Use what you’ve gathered and fight to keep it! Engage in epic raids and sieges against your neighbors! Let the walls crumble and discover what secrets they’ve been hiding. You’ve been surviving… you’ve been building… now it’s time to dominate!

At the end of the event the Unleashed server will be shut down. None of the changes will carry over to the regular server during the course of the event - so don’t hold back.

This will be a recurring event.

As always thanks for sticking with Trials of the Triumvirate, and may you crush all your enemies!