Tried of crashing and coming back dead and with no marker

Game mode: Online Xbox
Problem: [Crash | Bug
Region: Americas server 2728

Launched game, 5 secs game crashed and took me back to Xbox home screen. Log back in at the starting area with no body marker. Run back to where i died at which is by one of my houses. Body there and floating see picture. Look at map death marker now there. Try to loot body and body disappears. We had to exit the game and relog… i think this is the 10th time we have died as a result as a crash, luckily this time we were able to relog

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Just play the game for a bit

Last night after this post, underestimate depth of the lake died ran back… no body… tried logging out and back in and body half way across map again… (no pictures)

today… died… run back and no body to be found… log out and back in and body way across map…

Running to new marker… died again… we shall see what happens this time…