Trying to buy the monthly Patron package?

Just returned to the secret world, my old characters gone but have started again and I’m trying to buy the monthly patron and the 750 Aurum package via PayPal it says everything is good to go for the payment but nothing has shown up so far?

Did you do the PayPal Pre-approvement stuff?

You may also need to relog - how long have you been waiting?

Yes did all the pre-payment stuff, added a secondary payment source and all I have are a string of failed purchase attempts. None of prepayment arrangements show as being set up in PayPal, it seems fairly obvious they can’t be bothered to fix the system, so their loss.

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I have the exact same problem. Two months ago I sent a support request and Funcom cannot be ***ked to respond. Like you say their loss, although I have amused myself by leaving a Steam review so foul it’s been cited in a youtube video about why SWL is dead, so that was fun :smiley: