Trying to Play but No

I am so far behind now… I hope they don’t move on to the next expansion too fast… Been waiting for a ticket response for about 5 days now… maybe 4… average was 2 days before the server release so i guess it could be doubled maybe even tripled… just don’t want to get too far behind…

Any tips for catching up when i do?

Find someone that wants to help! Like me! I could help with the subway weps and would even make a new toon to help level up. As for credits, the easiest way I’ve seen is to roll spot the target missions from places like Avalon and Newland and I’m sure there’s others. Other than that, look for people in your level range and team up to take on the world!

You wont be far behind at all. Since the game is capped at level 20 :stuck_out_tongue:

Most farming for credits people have done will be easy to catch up on at later levels. As for gear collected. Same thing there. Totw might be a challenge now, but in a couple of weeks with higher level you can just go on and grab what you need :slight_smile:

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Still waiting for customer support…

LOL… you are far behind? making a lvl20 toon is couple hours work max… even lvl30, what new cap will be today… just chill man… once SL hits, catching up in levels will be very easy

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It’s not just level cap. Doing content will still take time I would think.