Turanian Building Pieces don't click

So, with the new addition of the Turanian building pieces, I realized that you cannot place a Turanian Wall Rounded on top of a Turanian Rounded Ceiling. I don’t know if this is on purpose, but it would only make sense that it would fit, seeing how they are both rounded…

PS: The Turanian Frame, and Turanian Doorframe both have the same picture icon picture.


I’ll add a few points:

  • Points of “sticking” for new roof pieces and rounded walls are very crooked;
  • It’s not possible to put a ceiling next to the new stairs - first you need to put the ceiling, then the stairs. Exactly the same problem as the Stormglass Sanctum set;
  • New pillars (witch built from four 90° segments). That’s incredibly difficult to put it in the right place/angle. Besides, I can’t put anything on them, except another pillar part;
  • Turanian Ceiling Vaulted piece isn’t placed with its edge on top of the wall, as shown on the BLB picture. Not sure if this is a bug, but still.

My attempt to reproduce the structure from the BLB set picture ended unsuccessfully for the reasons above.

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Another bug:
There is a large gap when you place the new door in the old door frame.

Also did we get an inverted canvas sloped roof piece? We have a canvas wedged sloped piece but not one with the canvas in my build options

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Just like there is no rounded foundations, no triangular floor with a new texture, no rounded walls with windows, no ceiling pieces that are supposed to complement Turanian ceiling vaulted. It’s a pity.

Its ok, Its work good! Just important info is that we bought it!
Its not working correclty? !t’s not important … Cash in they pocket. You cannot cancel it.
This is new politic of FUNCOM.

Total disrespect and exploitation of players… And no answers…

I love these new pieces, but the rounded walls are incredible difficult to place. It seems like there is a pattern to how they skip around when I try to fit them together, but I cannot put my finger on what it is.

To be honest, I understand why they don’t respond to that kind of posts.
Whether your complaint is warranted or not, is completely beside the point.

I am amazed that something as simple as common courtesy goes out the windows, the minute people are online.


The new turanian door looks good in curved door frame. No gap there

You’re right.
They are so beautiful! I spent some time in Creative mode trying to build a house using the new building segments. Pillar attachment points are at the edges of the platform. Scrolling with the mouse wheel changing this edge, rotation of the segment itself depends on the viewing angle.
A rounded roof has odd attachment points. There is a problem in both height and angle. Roof blocks ignore the rotation angle of neighboring roof pieces, including the one they are on.

For the first time, I couldn’t even build an ordinary four-segment tower. A little later, I somehow got used to it and was able to make 4x4 tent. But it’s hardcore. Hope Funcom will fix it.

I am guessing that this was rushed out to the Bazaar make the deadline and not fully checked, and that the Devs will have looked at the referring logged tickets and be working to resolve it. It is paid content so should have been fully QA’d, but sometimes things don’t go as planned.

(am in agreement with @FlameBlade above in regards to highly emotive wording when logging tickets. A simple, well-stated summary of the issue, without emotive wording, is much more likely to get a response than otherwise - and also, be absolutely sure that the management will be having some very ‘active’ discussions with those responsible for checking pre-release)

Bazaar items are often bugged and I agree the deadline might be the reason. Tigers cosmetics from the bazaar that were sold in the first week of the chapter are still with all attributes set to zero and can’t gain atributes as they level up. This is almost a scam.

Once you have bought via the Bazaar you own them so, when they patch (likely within a general Patch/Update for efficacy) they you get the patch and things work.

There have been many similar situations over the years since Start (same with many other large-format games). I and certainly not excusing it as ideally all released stuff should work perfectly, but it is a thing. Does it ‘break the game’, well, obviously, absolutely not. The core game works. Apart from some minimal outages, I have managed to play the game almost daily since it started.

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