Turn on decay on official Siptahs!

I’ve been waiting for today’s patch for this to finally happen.
The patch is here… The decay is STILL INFINITE!

Come on!!!

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Did the crashes ever get fixed on siptah? I’m on PlayStation so I never had them, but I haven’t heard any updates on it. If they’re still present, that may be why.

Strong agree, playing around on siptah (for a change finally in the extreme minority) and there is nowhere to build at all.

buildings wont decay, gods now are too weak to clear big claims, and some meshes are deep in the ground.

Yes all zones are viable. I’ve no idea why the decay is still not turned on. It’s the reason why people don’t return to play on Siptah

If that’s the case, they need to do a proper announcement first because people are gonna lose a lot of stuff if they don’t find out. I’m referring to the people that actually want to play it, not those that abandoned the server.

Honestly at this point I’m afraid for them to turn it back on… im just waiting to log in and everything be gone just like what happeend to me a few months ago with Nemedian foundations.

It’s all still there. Bases upon bases, long abandoned. I want my normal Siptah back! :frowning:

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We need decay on Siptah back asap! All the lag from abandoned bases is crazy…

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