Have some consideration on Siptah

Since Decay timers are paused:Decay timers disabled on Isle of Siptah Official servers

Should you visit a Siptah and decide to leave with no intention of returning in the near future while this is occurring, please have the decency to delete your left behind builds.

For PVE and PVE-C this is especially important. For PVP while it is possible to remove much of a build it is costly, time consuming and sometimes impossible to fully remove some enmeshed elements.

I spent a few hours looking at NA PVP Siptah servers and it was so frustrating to see builds everywhere when clearly they’re abandoned.

It is incredibly fast to remove building pieces and you can dismantle most in less than 5 mins.

Honestly? This should be standard practice anyway.


Seconded… it’s on PlayStation as well. Even though we don’t have the crashing issue (that I’ve noticed anyway), the decay is turned off as well. Lots of sad little abandoned sandstone foundations and shacks around. Too bad those players won’t come here to read your call to have some respect for the servers. They can’t even bother to read land claim rules, let alone read the server rules that show up on login.


I edited :slight_smile:

I came back to Conan when Siptah was released so it has a special place in my heart even though it’s not as fleshed out as Exiled Lands.

To see it in this state is so disappointing.

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So true! Seeing how FUNCOM screwed everything up is sooo disappointing. I played on Siptah for over a year … now I cannot get to my base because every time I log on … I take 5 steps and everything freezes. THAT is WHY they disable the DECAY TIMER. Because they screwed Siptah all up and until they figure out how to fix it … they don’t want people to grip about losing their bases because … they screwed up!

And all this small bases … are probably waiting for FUNCOM to FIX things! So go tell FUNCOM to fix things so they can restore the decay timer … and things can get back to normal. Don’t blame the players … not their fault.

I still cannot access my base on the southern islands … not even to start DESTROYING things … I freeze after 4 to 5 steps … ON PC. I could post a video of how screwed it is … but you probably wont believe me anyway. So just blame the players and not FUNCOM. lol By the way I just logged on to check AGAIN the Siptah map … 2 freezes … unplayable … today 8/18/23 … 9 am central … can’t even delete things …

I’m not blaming players for Funcom’s screw up or bandaid solution.

But anyone playing on those servers should know by now what is happening.

Considering that there’s also been announcements to that effect and well, it’s obvious by seeing the discussions or whipping out a repair hammer, at this point it should be standard practice.

I could understand newer players that don’t know the decay system or don’t know where to look for announcements. But what I am seeing is not just a simple 4x4 sandstone shack at spawn being abandoned. These are more experienced players coming to take a look.

It’s just unfair all around.

You need to go play on a PvP server. You are more of a PvP person.

My 6k hours are almost all PVP, I don’t understand where this suggestion is coming from lol

Well on PvP you can destroy other bases. If that is what you want. If random small bases bother you … go PvP … and destroy them! Lol …

But in my experience … PvP is mostly Burglarize peoples bases while they are offline … but … again … you can destroy random … bases … that annoy you.

I don’t think you really read my post:

I wouldn’t worry about this until you actually see it become an issue.

In the past when they have temporarily increased decay timers after the temporary period ends and they revert to shorter timers the shorter time has been applied to all bases, regardless of whether the player logs in. Which has been super fun for people who log out with 10 days left, then log in 7 days later and find everything gone.

I wouldn’t have said anything if it hadn’t already come to this point :confused:

On the server I picked there are 3 clans that are not even playing anymore. They quit due to “taking a break” or gave up (normal for PVP right?)

All of those builds are still present. There are big T3 bases, satellites and transportory stone buildings everywhere from these 3 clans. They are taking up good building spots or random spots dependent of course on whatever reasoning they had at the time.

This is not including the “let’s join this server to see what is going on” sandstone shacks. Everywhere.

While I have removed abandoned builds in the past in order to claim the spot and I am willing to put in the work to make the DP and use it, it would be impossible to remove some of these builds as there are foundations stuck in the meshes in those locations. This is normal.

But because the damn decay timers are off, even IF I spent all that time doing all that work, I can’t rely on the decay system to mitigate those leftover enmeshed foundations.

So they’re there until Funcom fixes Siptah. Which sucks majorly. It absolutely is not the players’ fault, it is Funcom for not fixing it ASAP.

This post was to ask the small amount of the community that spends time on the forums to consider my words and hopefully word of mouth gets around.

I’d also like to add that I’ve seen behaviour of crappy players who put random foundations all over the place as well. They know it won’t decay! And while I CAN use Zendesk, what will that do really? I’d have to wait 2-4 weeks before they even action it.

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It’s always an issue. Any processing power being used to fuel an abandoned creation is a problem for the rest of the server playing.


I said it before and I’ll say it again.
Servers need to be wiped.

There is too much trash and pollution left over … even if it’s called “eye candy”.
The only thing those A-holes care about is disrupting the game for everyone else.

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this is a great thing they did.

this is how they should start acting.
instead of baning people over uninvestigated reports , or taking so much time to admit a mistake that even a rolback is not possible (like the nemedian foundations bug), they should compensate the playerbase with at least fair rewards/acts .

the timmer freezer is a good step in that direction. most ios servers r literally dead at this momment. i wonder what they will come up to in order to repopulate ios

this is the reason privates exists.
go there. not everyone is wipe lovers


Oh, but I do rent/run my own private server.
That’s exactly why I run my own server, to avoid that pollution.

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That’s great.

I have no interest in a private server though.


I’m gonna say no. The decay timer is usually fine. Sure, there’s a lot of toxic land claiming, but wiping a server isn’t the solution. It just punishes the players that DO have respect for others. You can’t punish the many for the deeds of the few. Granted, I have seen a few servers that are completely plagued by toxic builds. Those I suppose are an exception.


I’m not inviting.

Just exactly what would be your solution?
From what I’ve learned since the early days,
it is the few who intentionally ruin it for the many. They’ve been at it since the early days because those brats didn’t get what they wanted.