Twice Drownd final boss wont spawn

Im on PS4 in the elder vault the twice drownd and the final boss dose not spawn there for the last gate will not open. I was looking for the virosic recipes. I live in southern Manitoba Canada.

Hey @mcdaquiry

Is this happening in single player mode?

Thanks in advance for your response.

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yes. I just tried the drowned vault ,and its not working either. kind of happens in the other vaults too but, if I run out of and back in the entire vault again the boss seams to load. but so far the drowned and the twice drowned bosses wont load no mater how many times I run in and out.

Go admin > ghost > walk. Boss will then spawn in.

will try. thanks

well boss did not spawn in. But at least I got the Feroxic weapons. thanks.

I’d Suggest Ghosting with Admin Panel, and checking above area, May be spawning above the area.

Few of NPCs and Bosses do this time to time.

Sounds like the boss did spawn in, treasure room only unlocks when the dungeon boss is killed. Some bosses just look fancier than others, he may of been mistaken for a regular fish monster.

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