Twitch Drop for everyone

Since I was taking a break from CE when the twitch drop happened (and I don’t use twitch), are those items going to be made available to everyone at some point in the future? I think some of the placeables are cool looking and would be fun to have.


Welcome back to Hyboria Adam,

there have been some discussions about making the twitch drops available for everyone on the forum recently. I can’t recall funcom making any statements regarding that matter.

But I think it would be great to see them released as a small dlc for a few bucks.

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I would have to dig back a little but I’m pretty certain they stated that, in some form or another, they would eventually open them up to the public. Perhaps they will be added with an update or come in a DLC but I want to say they mentioned it at some point.

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As stated here by Dana, they will most likely make the items available again in a future campaign;


Kinda doubt they would ever just hand them out to everyone, even just people on the forums, but repeating the drops at some point in the future was always a possibility.

I have the drops and for one would love to have everyone have them also. More variety in the game is always fun to me.


Nobody is saying they don’t want some people to ever have them. But it’s a pretty straight forward concept. You get the drops from watching Twitch streams, therefore you have to watch a Twitch stream while drops are active to get them.

They are meant to be a cross promotion, so just handing them out to everyone for nothing or selling them as a DLC defeats the purpose.

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