Two big building system bugs

First, i getting “failed to place structure” in average once per 5 placed blocks, and it stays like there until i either go away for some distance, or switch my building piece to another one and then switch back - this two methods fixing this issue.

But the other one is more serious. I have a base with 330 hours and a vault standing right in the middle of the base, but for some reason it has 14 hours until decay - most likely because i place it not on foundation, but instead on the ground. I try to place other things like standing torches on the ground - and getting same issue. I even placed a table and some cosmetic stuff on my altar (not even on the ground) - and it decayed, despite being inside the giant base. So everything that does not directly tocuhing (standing on) base parts has different decay timers…

This wasn’t an issue several months ago, we could use world elements as a base parts and foundation to place things and timer were shared on all nearby structures. That’s why i believe that it’s a bug that needs to be fixed fast, a lot of bases depent on it to function.

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Hey @ElvenNeko

We’re aware of the “failed to place” issue and our team is looking into it.
Regarding decay, we recommend connecting every placeable to your main base or at least place on top of foundations to avoid further issues with decay. Our team is looking into the decay system and trying to determine possible issues with it.
Thanks for your feedback.

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