Two bugs. Nudity issue but I'm in Australia and teleport glitch at great dam

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 10th Realm

Bug Description:

Two issues. The first is I live in Australia and we do not have censorship here. When I first rented the server my thralls had full nudity. Now it is only partial. I want this censorship issue fixed as I’m Australian and my server is in the oceanic. I reported an issue a few weeks back was told my server was ‘foreign’ I do not know what the issue is, but it needs to be resolved. The second issue is there is a glitch in the Great Dam where I have created a base. The game freezes and then I am teleported to some random location, sometimes even past the green wall.

Bug Reproduction:

I have tried to restart server and I have made sure full nudity is selected on my server.


Have you contacted Gportal they and not Funcom would be the ones to get in contact with. Do others on your server get full nudity and do you in offline game get it this might help cipher the problem. @ThorOdinson79 .good luck.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll give it a try and let you know. Cheers :smile:

It even does it on a single player offline game. Checked settings and changed to full nudity but ut flicks back everytime. I even started a new game, but no luck.
So it seems it might be the update to the nudity dlc.

Try adjusting the nudity settings from the title screen first.


Microsoft and Sony don’t like ■■■■■■■.
As far as i’m aware all console releases are restricted to partial nudity.
Full nudity gets refused classification in America and gamestores won’t stock it.
I believe China and a few others are the same.
Everyone suffers for a few countries censorship rules.

in germany i can get full nudity but i have to do it befor i load into a server each time

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We are in the US. Partial Nudity. Our server of course Partial based out of DC. Often when my wife logs in we have to change her in game settings to get it
When she plays offline we have to change server and ingame settings almost every time don’t understand why. We are on Ps4. @stelagel @Croms_Faithful do you have full nudity still? Both these fellows Ps4 one in Greece one in Australia.

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Australia has access to full nudity regional dlc. The dlc is not bugged, op just needs to readjust the nudity settings from the title screen first, then load up their game. I’ve had the exact same issue in the past, this is how I fixed it.

Sounds about right to me. The update changed some settings on our server finally found it under pve and had to move it back to pve-c once it started running.

Is the server yours or you participate on a private server?
For example I play on @sestus2009 server but I cannot have full nudity!
In all the others I can, even in US officials! But in privates US I can’t and nobody can actually. Not only in Wyrms bane, in each private US server I participated, or servers that the admin did not allow full nudity, you cannot play full nudity, no matter how your settings are!
Again! Is this server yours or you participate in it. Because if this is the case you have to speak with your admin and if he is not US or did it intentionally, he has to report it on Zendesk!


WRYM’S BANE is located in US and does not have the option. Unfortunately for Bella.

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Oh I know, years now :wink:. It’s not only your server my dear friend, I participated in lots of US servers in the past, privates.
No one had full nudity, none! Except your Siptah :wink:, well done :+1:t6:. Still full nudity is cool, but the other players is what makes the server nice :metal:

Greetings @ThorOdinson79, a fellow Aussie here to help you out mate. And a purely Offline Singleplayer to boot. But first…

A thankyou to you sestus2009 for the shout out and summons. Now onto the matter at hand.

I can confirm that full nudity is indeed still working on the playstation 5 at least. But as @Lucidique correctly pointed out you must re-enable it from the main menu AND the in game settings menu. So from the main menu/title screen where you first load the game select:

Settings > Gameplay > Nudity. Then on the drop down box select ‘full’.

Then load your game as per usual. When it has loaded Pause/hit the menu button then select:

Settings > Gameplay > Nudity and select full from the drop down box again. *Note-that the white writing below the drop down box should read “maximum nudity on server: full” when you enter the menu.

Hope this helps. And please let us know if it did the trick and helped you ok mate?


Good to hear you are sporting a PS5 and nice to hear from you.


@sestus2009 and @stelagel. Thanks old friend. I will be honest sestus2009, it was a lot of legwork and a hefty amount of luck involved in securing one! We are still having massive supply issues here in Australia, and most retailers here are not even actively taking orders for them. Supply is not even remotely close to keeping up with demand. Then we have bottom feeders who buy one and sell it for 100%, at times even 200% mark up of the retail price. A digital only ps5 is not toooo difficult to procure, but a disc edition suffers the problems outlined above. Is it the same situation in the USA and Greece respectively my friends, or are you both faring a little better?

But with that said, I cannot even begin to tell you both how much better my Offline Singleplayer game of Conan Exiles runs on the ps5 in comparison to the ps4. The difference is huge.


Our Greek buddy has got one not sure if is disc or not. When we upgrade it will be disc to many older games on shelves like Skyrim Fallout etc. Its still playing about the same on our 1TB units so we will hold out as long as possible 2 new ones would hurt. Good to hear from you. Will send you a picture of our new puppy when I get a good one.

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Not yet :pensive:. We have the same issues @Croms_Faithful, they sell it pretty expensive, or they force you to buy it with games you don’t even like, expensive again. Tbh if this situation was 6 to 7 months before I wouldn’t care, I would buy it on a heartbeat, but with the gazoline rize in my island touching 2,4E per litter, the electricity company asking for “blood” not money anymore and the Supermarket 30% more expensive, I am not even sure I am going to see one on Christmas :confused:. But… C’est la vie :grin:, no problem, if we are healthy everything will be done!

Sorry to hear I thought I heard you had one :disappointed:. At least you are on a Beautiful Island

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Two side blade! It is an Island that all the conquers loved it. They did the best for these lands and left beautiful monuments and tradition! Even the Turks made monumental buildings, without meaning something bad, since they extract the led from the temple of Apollo in Athens (Acropolis) that is been used for join in the center of the marble pillars and they destroy Saint Sofia ancient paintings of saints in Istanbul!
Even them, loved this island and left monumental buildings behind.
It is an island of unmeasured beauty. It has it’s own species in some animals and a place that billions of butterflies reproduce in a small forest covering huge trees, you cannot see wood, just butterflies. The shores are multi colured. Others are Rocky, others are pebbles others are sand again in different colors.
The waters in the south side are always crystal and warm!
Beautiful island indeed, but the people are not so! They seem to be pirates, since they care to take what they want only. Over 60% of the Rhodian males have no “Word”. I was raised with principals in my life, not only because I was “educated” this way, but because this is me too.
So when I give my word I keep it, my word is stronger than a contract and no matter what I won’t go back. They don’t deserve this, I know, but I ain’t going to change even if this is going against all odds in a society like that.
But i am happy! My problems are hopefully only financial, nothing else! I may not have enough money but I have respect, I walk with my head up and I sleep at nights!
Sometimes this is all a man needs!
I love you guys, thank you for being friends all these years, I wish you the best :+1:t6:.

Edit. My beg fo forgiveness, I thought it was a private conversation between me @sestus2009 and @Croms_Faithful , not a feedback thread!
I am really sorry!

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