Two easy to fix issues on PVE-C servers

1: Indestructible buildings combines with building anywhere - I’m playing on the one Australian PVE-C server, it’s only new and already a few of the dungeons have had player build in them and completely wall off access.
This is a pretty big deal as it guts the PVE progression plans, no boss monster fights = no story progress (obviously this would also be an issue on PVE servers).

Solution: Stop players being able to build in or and too close to dungeons and other vital game areas and remove bases already built in them for the good of the server.

2: Presently PVP prime time is 9am to 4pm as it appears to be set to GMT rather than GMT +10 as would be appropriate for our region.

Solution: Open server settings, change to GMT +10.

Cheers guys, I understand it’s a new game and you’re hands are probably over flowing with tasks, but at least from my perspective, these are game breaking issues regarding me sticking around and I suspect I am not alone.