What can be done about waling in/off stuffs/areas?

What can be done and is it any plans going on for it?

nothing, its part of the game and its how the world works anyway

Now its not, its part off on a pvp server and designed from that but it not how it supose to do on a pve server. Its as suposed to be on a pvp but on a pve its more an exploite and a server killer!


I think they should allow siege weapons to damage buildings on PvE-C during PVP enabled hours, at least. Grief building is the most powerful tool there is for pve servers as it stands now.

we have thisissue in a pve-c server, it costed the server im in around 60 peopel to leave the server or to change the game.

hard to enjoy a game when all you see are t1 foundation spams, griefed ressources. In pve-c, it’s spiked fence to prevent going in and out, players being locked out of their base because they have a point of view that differs from the p.o.v of griefers, players getting personnal irl attacks or their relative( some bring their friends and family over to play, then players leave because of those personnal attacks or because their family are getting insulted everytime they have a different p.o.v, the chat is totally toxic and some players are even worst… the list goes on for ever.

the issue is that some server are pve 18 hours a day and maybe even 20 hours a day since we cant pvp at all in some server because of the endless lag from the t1 spam and the lack of players being griefed or insulted. where i play its pve-c and its pve day in day out because we dont have squats to do because theres spam and toxic allover the damn map

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Hope they flip to flag claim system thats been suggested few times, so anything outside the bubble breaks down, and with limits to flags and 1m forced gap between them. Always be a hole or never enough to do full damage.

Yes maybe its a way to fix the problem, but theny we need 1-5 safe flaggs so they cant bomb youre home base and maybe seome outopsts.

IF they should, then you would get your rear end shattered while you’re not online. some servers have griefers built all over the map and with T1 spam they are always able to build near players who oppose their idea of griefing a pve server. gm shoulD just do what their title implies: ACT.

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Theres no GM’s thou on consoles… so PVE-C limited times or GM’s don’t fix match.

They need rework land claim, and force decay on stuff not within a bases limit. (as mention above with flag item)

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They should use volunteer GMs on official servers. Everquest did it back in the day, and it was very effective.

Sadly, “trust” and few other issues is exactly why we don’t have GM on servers. Its also Cost and how they have game set up sadly.

Well not an on server GM butt one for all servers, the change needs to be done on all pve/pve-c servers.

But whay are funcom so silent ablout this problem? Love to hear som from them about it! After all its not a new problem…

As in almost every one of these threads…you always have the option to join an active,good reputation, private server.

My (PC) server has active admins and is paid up for a year. Maybe you’ll find one more suitable to your needs.

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