Any official server support or code of conduct?

On our PVE conflict server we have a person that is structure griefing clans by building around their bases so that they are unable to expand or build properly. This includes building 8 high walls around their base so that they must climb it every time they want to leave their base.

As an Ark Survival Evolved player, this would be a reportable offence that would have a wild card dev come on and wipe them.

Any such support for this game?

In a word: no. Not for things on this scale.

nope, we have taken a more barbaric approach on the official PVE-C servers. use your sword to solve the issue :slight_smile:


These kind of people usually live from seeing other people complain about them. Seeing that their griefing has results.

If you ignore these people completly, they’ll get bored and eventually leave the server.


It’s not barbaric, it’s lazy…

Swords are useless when you can’t even destroy structures with them (even inside the PvP window) You cannot even destroy your own structures with weapons!

There’s nothing barbaric about PVE-C, just PVER’s trying to build and clear content with PvPers who aren’t good enough to compete full time trolling the PVER’s with structure spam or cheap gank thrills.

A sad silhouette of what this game mode has the potential to be.

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