Dealing with Idiots: Griefing on 1818. Anything I can do? Tips or Tricks?

This is my experience with an idiot griefer on PVE-C Server 1818. I had links to the snapshots I took but the forums won’t let me post links or insert pictures, so let me explain what the clan leading and his idiot clanmates built outside a wall of my base.

It seems to be a 8x8 full enclosed room, filled with so many torches that going near the damn thing causes my computer HYPER LAG and my character get’s heatstroke. Even at a distance just looking at the freaking thing causes Frame-rate stuttering.

The clan consists of all Japanese members. Two speak barely any english, and the leader speaks such horrid english that anything he/she types is utter broken nonsense. They can’t seem to read english either. Explained by the fact that they built a tower with a trebuchet on it and are firing rocks at my base…Which on a PVE-C server does not do jack-squat. The clan leader also talks with smiley emojis at the end of the sentences telling me things like:

“If you dont like, should have played to PVE server. Will be shooting throwing rocks. Please look forward too and enjoy! :)”

And everyone yells at them “THIS IS A PVE SERVER YOU IDIOT!!” but they don’t seem to understand it and continue to harass ME. They harass other players but I seem to be their main target for some reason.

The clan has walled off all of Noob river and leader makes threats to new players that if they don’t leave to a different server they will be attacked. Many of us high level players have united in a attempt to fight them, there is only 3 of them, but they somehow are able to run without ever losing stamina and just run in large circles where we can’t hit them, and taunt us by telling us not to be cowards. 10 People could not take down 3.

The keep building massive webs of foundations everywhere and the leader of the clan “RoG” claims they are trying to kill the server

Is there anything we can do to combat these guys, and please do no says “The Exploit Hunters” everyone has sent them multiple reports with no luck in them getting back to us…So any tricks or tips to fight these guys back or get them removed from the server would be great help…

I have played on official PvE for the last 7 months, and have fought 2 griefers so far.

One war lasted 6 grueling months, and the other 2 weeks.

The 2 week war was simply me completely ignoring the fool. I was playing a different game at that time, and came back to refresh, until that moron got bored.

The 6 month war was where I fought back against this guy who built decay umbilicals all over the danm map and built dick structures next to my base.

It was a long long complicated war. 2 treaties was sign, both of which he broke… etc etc etc…

Moral of the story: Don’t give them the conflict they crave. They want to kill the server. Best way to fight back is to be there, a stain to their plan. But play something else meanwhile: ARK: Existance, Fallout 76, Shadows of Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed: Oddysey… Until they are gone.

Because if absolutely everyone ignores them, they’ll know how it feels like to “kill” a server.
It’s a bit boring griefing an inanimate object like a base.

With some luck, they will be gone in 2 weeks. It’s only when they stick around for a month, where it’s time to introduce the scorched earth policy. This is where you set all your settings to low, and start building the exact same stuff they are building, around THEIR base.

Cover their resources, because they won’t web over their own resources. Web over EVERYTHING valuable on the map.

If you can’t play, they can’t play.

I consider griefers “seasonal features” or “random encounters” as ot were, because there is 3 ways to win in life:

  1. Outperform
  2. Outmanuever
  3. Outlast.

Nr. 3 is what makes them seasonal. That’s what it means to survive.

I learned that on official servers it’s not about right or wrong, because Funcom’s server policies is completely incompatible with our society. It’s more compatible with a warped type of nature where it’s not the fittest who survive, but the most patient.

Be like a Tardigrade:


Thank you for the advice. It’s helpful…and I believe I may have found a way to combat the griefer clan…Sadly it requires griefing as well…fire with fire as they say…But I am going to make a post about it and see what the community thinks because it could be employed by everyone

Official Servers are like LFG-Tools in WoW etc…

You’re always in danger to be exposed to the dregs of gaming-society.

I’m very happy on my private Server and I recommend to play on such.

Good. You’d not last a week on officials. Official servers are for those who have attained a certain level of Zen and wish to test themselves against human nature.


My patience with human beings is very very thin, indeed…

Unless you know this player, that was rude and presumptuous.

I still own bases on Official #1823 and I have defended noobs against griefers, but out-building each other? This will truly be the end of Officials if this is advocated.

I do not presume. I talk out of experience. I saw 70 people come and go on my server. It was like watching the seasons change in a year.

People who refuse to leave, whine differently. It’s usually the ones asking Funcom to improve their game, instead of saying “I love my unofficial server.”

And yeah… out-building each other -_- It’s why I shook my head when I heared that your base on Fallout 76 logs out with you. This kicks CE PvE squarely in the balls.

Ya 76 is a far superior pve title. Far far far superior. In the PvP side it’s about the same but without having to worry about blocked off spawn points or a single group of people grieffing a single player or group just because their bored. If your done fighting some one you can just relog for a quick instance swap.

Not to mention you can fight without constant rubber banding.

If they have actually walled off around the river/spawn area for new players, then that’s a bannable offense. Report them, and hope for the best.

Build a big ■■■ wall around their base .

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