Do we need supervision on servers?

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So I was out gathering resources today. Teleported to the jungle obelisk and some jackwagon blocked it off so noone can get out without dying. That would be all fine and dandy if it was a PvP server but its not…it’s a pve server and we gotta deal with dumb stuff like this. We need some fixes for things like this. Pve isn’t suppose to be about dealing with other players and their crap. Its player vs environment. So I could remove my bracelet and respawn and lose my weapons, armor, tools, and resources or I could just say screw it and stop playing. Pve servers should not allow crenulated walls to hurt other players… This is uncalled for and it ■■■■■■ me off…ive been playing since beta…been on the same server for over 2 years…and now we need to be supervised like kids it seems.

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I’ve been seeing an increase in this behaviour on pve servers, blocking off obs or resources or just fully blocking off entire routes to areas.

It is seriously obnoxious and we need something we can do about this kinda stuff on officials, i mean even ark is moderated enough for a dev to actually do something when stuff like this happens.

But i suppose we are getting 25gb fix patches that don’t work i wouldn’t count on anything ever being done about it unfortunately.

If this game was even stable for majority of the time id have my own server so wouldnt need to deal with it but i refuse to rent a server for a game that is constantly broken by new content.

Can I ask which Xbox PVE server? That way the rest of us are forewarned. I’m sorry for your frustration and loss, but at least something productive could come out of the experience.

Almost like the changes they making PVP player not liking as no longer have the advantage with 100’s of thralls so moving to PVE servers and causing grief as seen a lot of new player on our server this last few weeks. These player maybe lower level to start on PVE but can see they not new in experience to how they build and setup shows they played before with another character and they aggressive for making grief to others. I would like the contact list for the official server as seen hacks and like to report directly to the official server admin contacts. I have a beef about the people building over ghost locations, building around portal locations and ETC player grief stuff beyond PVE server norm. Even when they started I ask them not to build there because of ghost and cave and they keep going at it anyways. Blocking the ghost and the cave passage in the highlands. Almost like the official server support the grief than to do anything about it. Trust me if I wanted to hack i could as a software developer here but I come to play for fun and relax. I’m ok with decay and removing my stuff if I fail to log in with in the 168 hours on PVE as that’s part of the game. Having a clan and doing quest together after work and chatting about stuff making a relaxing evening unless getting kick out in battle and losing your stuff to a game glitch so look forward to the hot patches yes patches as expect many small ones to fix all the issues.

pve needs admins. if you’ve been on the internet in the last 20 years you know idiots will ruin fun out of some sort of angst (sexual, parental, sexually parental, etc.). PvP is it’s own beast, destroying itself from within is what its made to do. the whole game is designed to be a pvp sprint throughout a week of playing, you can reach max level within a few hours.

I suggest slower leveling on pve, an ability to claim abandoned bases, and a declair war mechanic. that’ll slow down some griefers, but only an admin can stamp them out.


and here’s a video of the impossible to chear you up!

I do not agree with your no GM statement as official Funcom PVE server need support having a GM or two as one GM can manager every Official server even with that high count not like he GM that 1 server all 8 hours in the day. The GM get a server help request with statement server #### location Letter/number lower corner wall around portal. GM verifies sets decay 100% wipes out wall, send warning to user. unofficial servers have there GM the people paying already that tweak to another set of server specs… Many like myself play on an official server so set to game rules and expect because the server hosted by the game creator to keep there things in order. A PVP server I can destroy the stuff myself. Yes the first few weeks will be over busy but after they see having GM support the BS will stop and the GM will get much less reports…

Yes, PVE servers need admins. No, they’re not going to get them. So we need to change what we’re asking for.

Not to come off sounding rude but they say no in game GM cause theres over 1000 official servers…every time I look at the list on xbox most those servers have 0 players and are not being used it appears. Maybe cut down how many official servers there are then you can have in game GMs. Private server owners can handle their own servers as admin.

In some aspect I wish this game was huge like an mmo. Then maybe have very few servers with constant GM support. I use to love final fantasy 11 online. Thousands of players on those servers.

We don’t need admins, I stated this previously in countless posts, we need a new/different claim mechanic:

So if things like this are claimed, those who claim it have to log in every couple of days to farm materials for the upkeep costs otherwise fast dacay ensue, or someone else can take it over and demolish it.

If you did a claim standard if would in ways still cause problems when people log in every day and reset decay. They could mark every ghost, portal, ETC as a center prime location, then radius decay level around each. I think maybe a build block quantity max, within 20 feet get 20 build block, 30 feet 30 block, ETC at greater than 500 feet unlimited. They could also mark each prime location and make a 3 block width no build zone from prime to 500 feet out. Honest this all a lot of coding and interface that I don’t think they do at this time and the GM be cheapest. if the GM report is filled out right. X&Y what the problem and maybe a screen shot. as GM could remove part by part or decay instant and totally wipe out and notify the user of abuse. After GM start doing that and people know GM on servers, then we would start see Official servers on PVE less improper grief .

No, because you need to put “upkeep costs materials” in. If you don’t have materials inside then decay activates, did you even went to see how they do on rust with the toolcupboard or not?
Of course it should have a maximum claim radius.

But let me rephrase, maybe the police on pve could be a good idea, but not on pvp.
Anyway what you’re saying already happens on private servers.

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