Clarification on todays information about the May 8 release

I am not clear on the PVP servers - specifically will you be able to attach and destroy buildings at anytime? Could you clarify this please as it affects which type of game I will want to play.

Also with respect to the PVE Conflict on PC - are you only able to attack players between specified times or is it the intention to be able to also attack their buildings during those hours as well? Please clarify.

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Players only. Buildings are never destroyable.


There’s at least 3 different ways to damage players buildings in pve. :smiley:

It’s kind of a bug and kind of intended otherwise it wouldn’t be PvE since the environment cannot damage your building.

PVP raids on structures will be limited to prime time to the servers respective “prime time” to limit the current grief-fest offline free for alls over the past year that ran so many people off. Worry not, there will be plenty of gank-fest private servers to make up for the loss of freedoms on officials, that will allow 24/7 raiding.

I am overwhelmed with joy at the prospect of the PVE Conflict, as it is what I had asked for. I love the idea of running an arena or Colosseum to stage sparring fights at given hours on official servers, without running the risk of somebody just coming up to destroy it all on a streak of cruelty that gets them off. Excellent work Funcom!

I think it has been altered afterwards.

I think that information should be plenty?
I would have preferred for mayhem servers not having been cleared off (how many jars is that? o.o) as there might be a few people who actually enjoyed that thrill. Thing is, there would have been no reason to host more than 1 server - or maybe more than 1 server per zone… But instead they deleted all of them, which is bad for those who enjoyed them.

and will Funcom post the local server timezone?

I guess you dont mean time of launch, but how to look up servertime, right?

Just check serversettings, servertime is shown there as well.