Two Handed sword

New update on PS4 slowed my sword down whats up with that

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Read patch notes, 2handed swords were slowed down and given a slightly different Moveset

Yeah they destroyed some things with the last update. Much needed change lol

Yeah, the overhead chop or as I call it, “and stay down”
Is no longer there, really sucks now.

It’s still there… it’s been moved to the key used for ‘kick’ when wielding a 2hander.


I like Conan the barbarian and how he swings his sword in the first movie,
i was like conan and used my sword too I needed more than 100 hours to
craft my sword. (reach level 60, knock down boss and farm for material)

Now I’m a snail with a sword weighing tons and a paper armor. When I
compete against 3 skeletons they laugh at me - and after my first blow
my sword grinds on the ground, I’m paralyzed or dead :open_mouth: yes, I can still
win, but i think, the nerf is to hard for two hand swords. (and light armor)

The new update fix not gameplay options or posture but bring lots of
new inventory parts.- but nothing of what was desired.

I’m still a big fan of funcom. :heart: …but yesterday, i went to the altar north,
and now I am free!


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Shows you how much I use the kick button when I used the sword…lol

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