Two of my recent transmog sets!

I return after a long hiatus, and since day1 i always wanted to play as a sorcerer, to be specific, a low fantasy sorcerer. I really like the 3.0, and the sorcery could arguably be better, but i really like the tone/flawor of sorcery that is implemented.

And also, we can now transmog, it seems! so I’m just getting started:
Oracle, witch, sorcerer…

Settite sorcerer, raid set. Heavy duty.


Nice! Wait to see more👍🏻

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very cool. It would help to post what was used to get the illusion. I can piece together some of it but the color changes confuse me on other pieces.

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the heavier set of armor consists of:
settite cult helmet

Khari raider hands

Khari soldier tasset

Guardian sabatons

Dark templar chest piece

As for the light one:
pictish light headpiece

darfari chest piece

bear shaman hand piece

zamorian thief leg piece

yamatai medium feet piece


Lovely work!

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