Two questions about the game - server wipe(s) and the Barbarian Edition Content items


As the release date for the game is getting closer I’ve been wondering if there’s any server wipes coming up and if so will it affect the single player mode?

I’ve seen the Conan Exiles - Barbarian Edition Content on Steam. If this is purchased now will the items included in the pack be sent to the customer?

Thank you

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The content of the “Barbarian Version” is beside the tshirt all digital, not physical! If you want a physical version you can check out the “Limited Collector Edition”.

The official servers will be wiped, at the private servers it is the decision of the admins. But I think it would be advisable in that case.

Anyone have any idea what sizes are available for the t-shirts?

If I recall this correctly, when you fill out the claim form for the T-shirt, you get to choose the size. They come in European sizes, so make sure you choose wisely.

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