Where is my barbarian edition package?

I don’t even remember when i bought it and still didn’t received it. Anyone can explain me if i can still get it? Because i paid money, or atleast i can get refund? I saw there is no more barbarian edition on sale… help!

Are you sure you bought a physical edition? I think it was offered as a digital option too (or only?), with just the physical goodies (t-shirt) sent separately.

Hey Angel!

Did you go through the claims process on https://claim.conanexiles.com/? If you go to to that address, log in with your Steam account and fill out the form, you’ll get instructions on how to get access to all the content in the Barbarian Edition.

The T-shirts aren’t available anymore, unfortunately, but everything else should be.

Thanks for that. I expected totally different things, i mean real things… and now i read that i can get all from the internet… Where is the axe? The books? I remember all were described…

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