Two questions since the update

I had an issue where my frost giant just died for no reason and now I can’t repair my legendary armor’s that I’ve gotten from the unnamed city

Is there anything in the server logs to indicate what happend with the Frost Giant?

Legendary Armor is intended to not be repairable at this time. Funcom will be releasing armor kits to repair them, but they are waiting a bit longer.

The log says he died

One of my clan said it’s a bug happening to quite a few people. But tbh frost giants are garbage anyways they die way too easily

Just got a new weird bug got a recipe from the artificer and clicked on the learned it and then it didn’t show up in my crafty menu or where you’re supposed to be able to craft it

Check to see if it is in your inventory. You have to click on it in order to actually learn how to use/make it.

Well I learned something if you’ve never been back to the archives since the update you can’t get the special things they just instantly show up once you go back there

I have seen reports about the issue. It seems that they sometimes just die when following the player.

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